Lucas Pérez


Miki and Iwobi are nailed on for that kinda left sided forward role? So yeah glad he’s gone to free up some wages. Wonder how much he’ll cost on FPL might be a good shout.

Edit: lululul Perez isn’t even listed on Arsenal as an option, not on West Ham either :joy::joy:



On a permanent! I really thought he’d be in for a looking with the Basque God at the helm.


We’ll always have that Bournemouth goal


Wenger managed him so badly. Wasted player.


Heard he was on like £90k wages.

Wtf man. Badly need to finish this clearout so we can go big in Jan/next summer.


Agreed there .


I have a feeling that this one is going to come back and haunt us.

Gutted that he never got a proper chance.



I’ve only ever seen he was on £40k


Clearly he didn’t impress during preseason. I wish him well.


Doesn’t even feel like he played for us.


Hope he does brilliantly and scores lots for the hammers!!


ffs! :joy: West Ham have just won best player announcement video!! Using FPL :joy::joy::joy:


Pérez isn’t eithen on the fanstasy football :joy::joy: under West Ham or arsenal


Fuck me, that cheesy grin. Are any announcement videos not cringe as fuck?


Trilling the fuck out of us with the FPL valuation of Perez being higher than the actual fee paid :santi:


West Ham smh…If I just had no idea where they were located I would bet mucho dinero that they were from the Northeast of the country.


I liked the look of Perez sadly AW didn’t.
Good luck to whoever leaves The Arsenal as long as they don’t play well against us !


Who was his last goal for us against? Can anyone remember