Lucas Pérez


The difference between Lucas Pérez/Danny Welbeck and Reiss Nelson/Emile Smith-Rowe is really less than you think. Anyways, Emery was always likely to prefer a Kolasinac, a Maitland-Niles, or a Bellerín to them at winger.


why the fuck are we getting so fucking little for our players when other clubs are getting 30m+ for fucking dross. This club needs to sort its fucking shit out fast.


Wenga has ruined our players so much no one wants to spend a crazy amount of money for them.


but they pay a lot of money for other teams shit players, i think this club have donkeys negotiating still.


We have to get better at demanding big fees for shite. Enough is enough !


Wenga is still here :henry2:


Supply/Demand and contract encumbrance (how much are these guys getting in wages)…

But yeah, does seem like we suck at this.


We are basically giving him away for free to get the wages off the books.

Other than Ozil and Sanchez, which were can’t miss players if you could sign them, these are the players Wenger spent > 10m on from the 13-14 through 16-17 seasons.

Chambers - Bust. About to be loaned out at 23
Welbeck - Bust. About to be sold to whoever will take him, probably for peanuts.
Gabriel - Bust. Sold for less than we bought him for.
Debuchy - Bust. Sold for less than we bought him for.
Cech - Gave us one decent season, then age-induced mediocrity. Worth nothing.
Elneny - Mediocre squad player. Probably would not sell for much more than we paid.
Xhaka - Mediocre Arsenal career so far. Probably would sell for less than what we paid.
Mustafi - Bust. Would definitely sell for less than what we paid.
Perez - Bust. About to be sold for far less than what we paid.

Its just a shocking record. Every player a bust or mediocre or best, every asset declining in value despite transfer prices shooting through the roof.

This is the difference between us and Liverpool right now. They have less revenue but have actually had some success in the transfer market, producing valuable assets and selling some of them off to fund other astute purchases, whereas Wenger basically just pissed all his money down the drain when he wasn’t buying a ready-made top flight player like Sanchez or Ozil.

Its fair to critique Sven and Emery for whatever decisions they make but Wenger (and Kroenke) left the club in a terrible situation and the club will be paying the price for many years to come.


Hahha we might aswell give him away for free. We are a fokin JOKE at selling players ffs. Chelsea nearly sold a 30-year old slightly above average Willian for 60m ffs ! :mustafi:


Willian has accomplishment tho. Won a couple PL titles with Chelsea, and had some high profile moments doing it. He’s also Brazil international player. Nobody we are looking to get rid of can even approach that resume.

@powderfinger there’s a reason for that tho. Our business model hasn’t been the standard PL operating model. We attempted the whole british core thing, and whereas it didn’t work for us, we’ve been able to move those guys on for decent fees. All of the guys you mentioned were supposed to just be squad players while our youth developed.

Ox - 35m (in the last year of contract)

Theo - 25m for a near 30 yo perma crocked player

Gibbs - 10m (going off memory here)

We made decent money off the guys we bought as youths and actually tried to develop. I’m not saying it was a good model, but that to me explains why we are stuck with a bunch of mediocre squad players and failed youth projects.

Worst part about it is that our youth guys got injured a lot. So guys like Wilshere who may have commanded a better fee spend years on the treatment table missing matches. We lost him on a free, and unless we get lucky we are gonna lose a big asset in Ramsey on a free too :expressionless:


Not to mention he’s not slightly above average he’s a good player.


We’ve spent the last two years trying to get rid of him and basically giving him away.

I can’t believe anyone is surprised we’d let him go for peanuts.


Just get them off the books. Wouldn’t care if we got nothing for the likes of these mid table La Liga players.


This is what happens when you sign average players in their late 20s, we will get the same sort of fees for Sokratis and Vida ( should we sign him) in 2 years time.


It’s like a car boot sale or end of line sale in a shop…you sell a rock bottom prices to get rid of the stock.

Need to sell, free up wages and get as much as for the transfer fee as possible.


Nice move for Lucas. Hope he smashes it


One more reason to bring in a certain French winger.



Would have been good to shield Laca from starting in the EL

Not sure a team including Nelson, Nketiah and other youngers would be effective against EL group stage opponents


We need to sell players. Glad Lucas is finally off our books. Ospina and Welbeck next so we can have a big-name signing on deadline day.