Lucas Pérez


Fair enough - I agree if Lucas and Welbeck stay, we need to send Eddie and probably Nelson on loan. I’d rather roll the dice with the young guys since I don’t see much from Perez or Welbeck (he is a terrible, terrible striker imho), but I can see where you are coming from. Cheers.


Everything going according to Moleys predictions…


It’s going to be a mediocre season anyway so why not use the minutes developing talents?


Eddie looks so good ans confident for his age. I’d absolutely keep him.


Yeah I’m more than happy for us to sell Perez.



Sign of a good attitude that. Stay and compete for a spot


It is odd… anyone can see he has zero chance of being significant player… guessvwe are just looking for right deal OR waiting to see which of him or Welbeck are out. Both need to go though.


I’d imagine having a Spanish manager and coaching staff would help him settle. The more options we have the better as far as I’m concerned. Perez isn’t a bad player at all.


Yeah for me I’d rather see more minutes from Nelson and/or Nketiah than Perez or Welbeck… to be fair, I am certain Welbeck is shit where I could actually see Perez being useful - but I imagine at his stage he is looking for a proper FT spot now since we have jerked him around for a couple years.


If he stays I don’t know that he’d actually steal that many minutes from Nketiah. We’ll have Europa League, League Cup, FA Cup. That’s plenty of opportunities.

If Perez is happy staying and scoring hat tricks against Coventry in the cup, who cares? We can rest our starting strikers.


On the back of our pre-season I would sooner sell Perez, recoup as much of the fee we paid for him as we can/get him off the wage bill, and give some more playing time in the first team to Reiss Nelson and Smith Rowe. We should be able to get at least £10m for him…which we can reinvest at a later date or hopefully on Dembélé before the window closes…


I’m really not interested in the progression of youth talents by feeding them first team game time. The current crop really can’t contribute to this side in any meaningful way tbh

We need to get our youth farm system going tbh. Nelson and Nketiah need loans to the football league, will probably be better for their developed if the club is right


I disagree.,both of these guys could be knocking on the first team and deserve a chance to play some games. Smith Rowe in particular looks every bit as good as Perez and would much sooner he get some game time rather than keeping Perez on higher wages.


Indeed. I’d give him time until january to prove himself in the League Cup and the Europa League.


Interesting youth prospects will always capture the imagination of supporters, happens every preseason. You should know by now not to get too invested. Remember Reine Adelaide and his Emirates Cup showing?

I don’t think Rowe is anywhere near the level of Lucas and Lucas is an infinitely more useful player to this squad than the likes of Nelson or Rowe, they’re simply not good enough yet to help this team now.

Lucas’ wages at £40k is not a burden to this club at all. You need players like him for the grind of the season. There’s a reason youth aren’t really trusted at the top level unless they’re World class talents


More links to West Ham, but for half the fee being mentioned before. Imagine if this is true. Other teams get £20m for any old trash and we suffer a £13m loss on an actual competent player!


4m what the fuck


Is Dicky Law being drafted in this summer?


Would really be incompetent to sell without bringing anybody in.

There are interesting wingers around and we haven’t even tested the resolve of any clubs. You’re not going to get a major deal done in 3 days ffs, where’s the ambition?