Lucas Pérez


We should be telling anyone looking to loan a player more than 20 years old out to get fucked. Permanent deals or GTFO.


Can watch him live next season in Serie A :wink:


Fiorentina apparently bid £7m for him.

Come on lads, somebody sell someone ffs!!!

Not long left now, at least clear the deadwood out if you’re not gonna buy anyone!


I’d rather keep than selling without a new winger coming in.

We’re thin on forward depth as is.


I’d rather have the space open for someone of genuine quality to come in January than have guys like Perez or Welbeck for an extra 6 months.



welbeck has to be going too, fuck knows where to though. So it does seem we are clearing the way for a winger and creating some funds at the same time.


Interesting to see how he gets on there if true


Everything’s quiet on that front. Unless Welbz goes I can’t see us getting anyone


he has to be going for sure. Think about it, no training no mention of him in conferences a long holiday, does that look like a player on the mind of the manager, Emery doesn’t give a shit about him. there is no reason for him to still be away from training at this late date he didnt do anything of note in the world cup and players like Torreira who did more is back and has trained for a week.


Perez and Welbeck are non entities, I don’t think their place in the squad affects our ability to sign a top player in Jan tbh

I see no harm in keeping them for the first stages of the EL and League cup.

Perez showed OK during his brief spell here, should be given a chance if his attitude is right. One forward injury and we’re forcing players into positions that don’t fit


Get rid Welbz, Perez, Moose - get in Vida and Dembele (loan)… we can dream… tbf I know little of Vida other than he looked pretty solid during WC.


Interesting, didn’t know that about Welbz. The thing is even though he didn’t play a big part in the world cup he would be entitled to extra holiday time.


In theory yeah, but we have huge squad and not unlimited wages or transfer funds… I think we are far more likely to add if we get rid… and frankly, just for the players/squad sake, we NEED to get rid of 2-3 imho… we have too many players in a couple of positions - I can see one or two of the younger guys going on loan, but players like Perez and Welbz are better to be sold.


According to The Times, Welbeck has been told to fuck off (that might not be how they worded it…)


Imagine if it was :arteta:


If we were really looking for another player there would be more noise about it with a week left to go. I don’t think to get rid before we buy either. The fee and wages generated from Lucas sale would be minimal

I’m just not wiling to sell at this point considering our attacking depth is thin and without a new player coming in the next week. I’d want to preserve our better forwards for the league and isolate our key attackers from the EL group stage

I agree the squad is bloated but its in CM and CB.


He’s off apparently.

Thanks you for taking our fodder West Ham.

Let’s get a winger soon, if we can get into CL or in Jan with the big money.


But here is the question - would you rather put Perez and Welbeck in as attacking players or Nketiah and Nelson for example?

That to me is one reason to sell - we have Auba, Laca, Nketiah for one striking position… where we are a tad light is wing attack and I fear we will use Lucas or Welbeck there instead of a better option (new) or Nelson.

In principle, having a big squad isn’t a problem as long as you are planning intelligently a bit ahead… to me if Lucas and/or Welbeck stays and that means fewer minutes for Eddie or Nelson, that is a losing proposition.


The youth minutes argument is a fair one but I don’t personally rate the current crop to at this point to make a meaningful contribution in the 1st team.

For the EL I’d rather play Perez and Welbeck for sure. I have zero confidence in a forward line of Nketiah, Willock and Nelson against EL group stage teams tbh.

Nketiah is not a credible striking option for anything other than the odd league cup match at this point, I’m pretty sure he won’t make it here. Nelson hasn’t really shown well so far, should really be sent on loan to the championship/League 1 to further refine his game.

I don’t think we’ve got a world class prospects currently that we need to fed game time to tbh. Selling Lucas with a replacement would be poor squad management.