Lucas Pérez


I don’t believe ‘playing time’ is the real reason Wilshere left. And anyway Wilshere would of got minutes and if he was the best midfielder he’d have been starting when he wasn’t injured.


Fine. Wilshere is lying then.


Everyone lies


Why isn’t it believable? I am not even sure what you’re saying with second half of your post bc it rather seems like you are saying it WAS about game time in the end.

Seems most likely that he wants a more important role than he thought he would get at Arsenal.


How could he warrant a more important role when he hasn’t shown enough to deserve one? Like playing championship/football manager in the good old days when you click on the coach advice on what they think of the player. Wilshere probably thinks of himself as an irreplaceable world class player for the team.


I’d like to see Perez get a real shot but it seems like he doesn’t really want to be here. If that’s the case it didn’t work out and that happens. Move on.

Wilshere on the other hand. Good riddance. Never grew in to a real hardened European football professional imo. Too much coddling by Wenger.


I think he didn’t want to be here under Arsene. Probably wondered why he even bought him in the first place.


That is his reason for leaving imho. I never said anything about him deserving more. It was time to move on from him imho either way. My response was to the assertion that he didn’t leave due to playing time. I think he did, as he said.


Because I think he went to whoever offered him the best guaranteed wage. I’m not convinced we offered him a contract and if we did his wage would be based on appearances. And because he’s likely to be injured he wouldn’t make as much money. His agent spins a story about it being about him wanting first team football but I doubt it.


He said he received a reduced offer from Arsenal.


There’s genuinely no reason Wilshere leaving couldn’t have been about playing time and money.


I am sure it was a factor but we don’t have any details on that and we know for sure he was going to be a long distance from a key man with us. At WHU he can be a potentially central figure and resurrect his career.


So monterrey wants to get him:

Liga MX should be the place where he can become the best player(or in the top 5 bracket) just like Gignac, a cheaper country to live with a huge salary.





Isn’t he the bloke who works with Mr Incredible?


Problem is that it’s a loan deal, hope they include an obligation to buy


That pesky gunfire though.


I would find it weird if Arsenal decided to do away one of our only four natural forwards one week before the window closes.


Loan deals for players on the cusp of 30 shit me up the wall, loaning players out only serves a purpose when they are teens/ early twenties.