Lucas Pérez


Looks a better player though than a lot of that he kept faith in. Pretty much every single time he played he scored or assisted.


To paraphrase a famous Liverpool owner “What are you smoking over there?”

Wenger is the boss, in ever sense of the word. No one and nothing is above him in the club. Yes, Kroenke is the owner but Wenger has him eating out of his hand. If anything, we can blame Gazidis for lacking a spine and not standing up to Wenger.


I think Gazidis and other board members previously criticised on here had a go at standing up to Wenger (too late in the day undeniably) but simply couldn’t match the hold that Wenger has over Kroenke. Kroenke is too media shy for us to ever know perhaps but it’s been suggested he practically worships at the altar of Wenger. Not hard to see why either


What I find amazing is that Gazidis has still kept the job. Wouldn’t Wenger now know that he’s probably still wanting to find a way to bring down the axe? What a strange and shambolic dynamic…


I’d like him to get more game time if Sanchez leaves and we can play s formation that works for him and lacazette.


Any other manager would try playing a formation in regards to what material he has to work with. But this is Wenger.


everton made a loan bid for him earlier on, we are thinking about it


Everton are direct rivals this season, would be disappointed if we gave them anyone who could be useful to them


tbh with the signings Everton have made this summer I doubt Perez would get into the team


I don’t even want to give them a good bench option.


Lucas would easily start for Everton.

Why are we helping a rival?! Plus last summer didn’t we beat Everton to signing him from Depor?


Is he staying in the end?



Back to Deportivo. Shame Wenger never believed in him. He was very good.


If he was “very good” then Wenger would have used him, should have just signed Jamie Vardy instead


Great reception for him at the airport. Hope he has a great season for Depor. :slight_smile:


Baffled at us not keeping him but retaining Theo (sorry @Arsenal4thetreble)


When Theo gets back in the team we’ll get back on track


Who would realistically want Theo? On his salary?


best of luck to Perez back at his club this season, hopefully he has a decent season for them