Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Match 3
Monday 28 September
KO: 20:00
LIVE on Sky Sports

No shame if we lose here but I have a funny feeling we won’t. I would love us to be the first team to beat them at Anfield in the league since April 2017. COYG!!

  • Liverpool win
  • Draw
  • Arteta pulls a madness and we get a statement win away to a big 6 team for the first time in just under 6 years

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Ez for Arteta. 1-0 to the arse. Auba with the cut inside and BUUuuup in the top corner.

Gonna get dunked on I’m afraid. Hopefully a respectable result.

No Emi Martinez to save us this time :wink:

Liverpool haven’t had that much to play for in our two recent matches with them and I’m not sure they ever got fully into gear. But I think we’ve ruffled their feathers enough that they’ll be really up for this one and I don’t think we’ll be able to keep up.

I’d love to be wrong as getting even a point out of this fixture would be massive.

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal.

This is a free shot though, games like this won’t decide our fate in regards to trying to nab 4th place.


I would be happy with a draw. If we are in form, then we have a shot. Liverpool haven’t looked too great at the back, so we will get chances. We just need to take them and keep things tight defensively. I think a point is really doable, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if we won or loss the match.

6-0 Arsenal.

Thiago to get injured in an incident involving a advertising board.

Van Djik to get sent off for re-enacting that scene from The Last Boy Scout but with a water pistol.

Klopp to get an early booking and warning for aggressively insisting Arteta shakes his hand.


Fully expect a comfortable Liverpool win. Hopefully we keep it respectable and can show some good signs.


Might have got a result with Emi here still, but expect to see Leno do poorly on a corner and van Dijk to score as a result early on, it’ll be downhill from there.

That’s last season’s match report done.

What do you think will happen on Monday, mate?

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Hahaha I’d love some cagey affair that sees us come away with a 1-1 draw.

We did it to them before in 1989 to win the league title and they hadn’t lost by two clear goals at home for a few seasons.
We also beat them the last time we played them in the PL so we could get something out of this.


If we manage to not concede in the first half, then maybe we have a shot of a good result. However, Liverpool will be completely focused on winning unlike the last two fixtures against them where there wasn’t a great deal on the line.

This is going to be really tough, probably the hardest fixture in the whole season but it’s a ripe moment to play Liverpool because they haven’t hit their stride yet, and defensively are making mistakes.

But we have a track record of giving up goals way too easy in big games, like a randy prom queen giving up her virginity.

Need to cut out the cheap goals in big games. Focus on maintaining defensive shape and use the lethal Auba on the counter.


After recent visits to Anfield I’m just hoping we keep this fairly respectable


Yeah think it’s 3-1, 4-0, 5-1 and 3-1 in our last 4 league visits :disappointed_relieved:

They’ll come at us from the off, the early spell will be tough IMO. Auba should get ready for some counter attacks.

Listen I have to be realistic here, if Liverpool are on their game they win this at home. They are one of the best teams in Europe.

But, we got a manager who seems to get the best out of these players and we have players up front that can hurt them. If we can play like we did agaisnt City, Chelsea and Liverpool in the later part of last season. We can get a result there. Leeds game showed that they aren’t that awesome at the back.

I think we lose maybe 2-1. But I think this will be tougher for Liverpool then many of us fan’s will want to believe.

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Agree, but even when they are in sync going forward, they are still prone to lapses in def. If we can be clinical, we could get a goal or two and manage a draw even if they are firing. It also requires our def to on point for this match. When they are in sync, we are hard to breakdown.