Liverpool Vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup 4th Round)

Wednesday 30 October
KO: 19:30 :clock730:

Oh fuck. Anfield again :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

  • Liverpool win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Liverpool win on penalties
  • Arsenal win on penalties

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I reckon Liverpool will have this one won in 9 minutes, let alone 90!


Liverpool will win in twenty minutes.



Oh shit this is next? :joy::joy:

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Ahh FFS.

I need an international break

Think it may be be a pre halloween horror show :scream:

Who the hell cares? Just play the kids.

At this point, no matter what side Liverpool put out they win this at home. I’d go for a decent side cause he might need a cup in early part of next year if the league goes tits up. I think Liverpool will put out a strong side and win this 4 or 5 nil. The important game is on Saturday with Wolves.

Fuck me this comes at a great time doesn’t it

Ox hat trick incoming.

Watch Bellerin play in this stupid game so he can’t against Wolves. I almost don’t even want to go to that game, but I know I will because I am a goddamned sucker

Not bothered If we win or lose tbh we not going to win this cup or any other.

Even with Klopp’s bad record in domestic cups (not as bad here as the Fa Cup) and a lack of Mane + co, this is still a home win.

I fear another disjointed performance similar to Vitoria. I’d still play a young side tho, they’ve earned the chance to play this fixture

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Whatever result gets us closer to the ‘Communicado officiale: Unai Emery leaves post as Arsenal manager with mutual consent’ is gravy with me.

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It’ll be closer than people expect because Liverpool won’t play a lot of big guns, I still expect them to edge it at Anfield though.

I was looking forward to this as I think we could match them in a second string game but now these kids are playing under a media spotlight. 4 1 defeat without any of their front 3. Origi will score for certain.

would be typical if this game is where we turn it on and win lol :mustafi:

I think Liverpool would play a strongish side agaisnt any of the top 6 even in the cups. Maybe not all their big guns but one or two like a Firmino or Salah or the odd first choice midfielder and two of their first choice defense.

I think Emery needs a positive result here, I’d play the strongest team I could in all honesty. He needs a cup run even a cup to save his bacon.

Prefer the Cup team to our main team. Martinelli to stamp his name in Arsenal folklore with four goals at Anfield like Julio and Andrey did before him :pray: