Liverpool v Arsenal (PL)

Liverpool have let in five goals in their last two PL games but the international break gives them a chance to sort their defence out.

They will be under more pressure than us to win so we might get something out of this.

Sadly we have just seen Moyes send his team out to attack Liverpool, and he managed to get a result…
Unfortunately, Mikel will absolutely shit himself here, and he will send a team out NOT to lose…Which is a real shame, because if we went out and actually played the football our players are capable of, we have a chance of beating these frauds, but Mikel will panic, we will try and play safe, and we will end up losing this by two or three goals…

This is the reason that Mikel is not good enough to be our manager…I hope I am wrong…Let’s see!


I do feel the best chance we have of getting a result is to take the game on, Liverpool have been conceding some goals of late but you do need to put the pressure on in periods for that to happen.

If we go all negative it’ll be a comfortable loss, because although we’ve improved defensively Liverpool are too offensively gifted not to score a couple if you soak up pressure all day.

Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal.

Liverpool will raise their game, it’s what they do.


It’s a good point, the teams that get results against Liverpool are generally the ones that take it to them quite aggressively.

I think we can do that, certainly we have against other teams this season, but Arteta does like trying to be too clever for his own good when setting up for these games.

But, even if we do lose I’m hopeful we won’t get a pasting like we did at City.


We don’t really have the players to take the game to Liverpool aggressively.
They’ll come out swinging like Mike Tyson. It’s how much you can survive the onslaught that determines your chances.
It’s a must win game and it’s fixture there crowds up for.
Not taking anything away from Brighton who achieved a great point but the whole game for everyone is a different mindset.
I just hope too be in the game an hour in. Maybe then you start to bring a different outlook on the game.


Yeh it depends what Pool you get on the day, the type that’s a little sleepy, error prone and raw in defense like today. Or the Pool that went to OT and put 5 past them like it was nothing.

Unfortunately you know their attitude against us will be far more similar to the OT game than Brighton or West Ham.

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I agree, they’ll attack so it will be a test to see how our defence holds up, but we can get them on the counter attack. We need Partey and Lokonga on top form for this game, along with the defence.


You have an attack though that’s a bit blunt for rapid counter attack.
Your down to individual industry really. ESR or Saka type running and control.
It’s just a very difficult game to plan for as it is for most teams who go there.

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One thing I think we’re definitely improved in is not letting the opposition in behind us defensively. You gotta think pool will breach us that way more than most and it’ll be interesting to see how we cope with that. Agree if we get it right we could take advantage on the break. :pepe2:

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Anyone thinking it’s too early to be getting anxiety about this game lol. I think I’ll just enjoy our nice league position over the international break and start worrying about the Anfield away dread on the following Friday night.


You’re familiar with @Cristo and @Bl1nk yes?


Our inability to score many goals will leave us no chance.

I expect Auba to shit the bed again and waste any chances he gets.

I think he should play Laca up front and rest Auba for this one.

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I do find it amusing that they have scored 18 more goals than us this season. But are only 2 points above us :ozil:


I’d like to see a midfield 3 of AMN, Lokonga and Partey for this

ESR on the left, Saka right, Pepe/Laca upfront

This match has been on my mind since the final whistle went yesterday.

Anfield. Players coming back from international duty. Lacking unity.

We’ll get spanked. Could I be more worried?


I know man, I know. Big hugs


Doesn’t sound as a bad idea at all.
Except I’d still keep Auba up front… He can’t be this bad again… Surely?
Seriously though, I expect him to recover, and I think he’ll be a more dangerous option even compared to a decent form Laca with the space Liverpool will probably offer with their high line… I don’t see Pepe as an option up front.


At least we’re heading in on an 8 game unbeaten run so even if we do lose and long as we respond quickly it isn’t diabolical.


Honestly there’s no cause for dread considering we’re expected to lose. I think the mentality will be to give it a go as long as we don’t pull a Man United and get railed.

I say play the same team against Watford and fight Liverpool in midfield where they’re weakest (not saying they’re midfield is weak but where we can apply pressure maybe trip them up).

I’m looking for Laca to disrupt Hendo/Fabinho and Gabi to show Ferminho what’s what.