Liverpool v Arsenal (Carabao Cup )

Thursday 1 October
7.45pm Sky Sports

We go again

  • Liverpool win
  • Arsenal win
  • Liverpool win on penalties
  • Arsenal win on penalties

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I’ll say Liverpool again, but at least we should have Ceballos and Gabriel starting given they were rested tonight.

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Start Seliba, Gabriel, Saka, Nketiah, Pepe, Elneny, Willock, Kolasinac and AOUAR.


Liverpool will probably put a whole different XI out as well. They won’t be fussed about this.

We play these cunts again?! Wtf?!

They played to lose last year and this and still won.
Klopp will do the same again but this time Arteta will oblige him.
2 1 hollow win for us.

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2 second string / kids XIs incoming. Should make for a good game

least we will go out this stupid cup now.

Depends on what team Liverpool put out. The likes of Curtis Jones, Minamino, Tsimikas, Brewster, Shaqri, Origi will probably be playing.

I think we have more chance of winning this one then tonights one.

I don’t agree with Calum to be putting our noses up to any cup, these are the type of trophies this squad we have need to be winning as I don’t think we be winning any title anytime soon

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Liverpool can have that attitude but not us, we’ll be lucky to win the league again in our lifetimes, so domestic cups are important for us.

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cheer up aussie ffs :joy:


I fancy our chances against the Williams sisters and Minimoto

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I think if we put out a decent side, I think we have a chance in this one.

Where is the i dont give a flying fuck about this stupid cup. Play the women team and lets concentrate on the prem pls.

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I agree, but at the same time I love miserable Aussie. He genuinely cheers me up. I’m sure that’s not his intention, but that’s what happens.


you seriously think we wont win the league again? you are 30 odds? so you dont think we will win it in say 60 years?

why are you so depressive all the time lol are you like this in real life?

Imagine if Klopp played a strong XI to spite us.

Might have to out myself out of this season.

Fuck I’d be happy if I get to 90odd mate, hope you’re right @Calum.

Not sure mate, we haven’t won it in 16 years and haven’t come close in over a decade and we’re away now as we’ve ever been in my time following it.

I’d love to see us do it at some stage in my lifetime though.

Hahaha glad I can be of service :rofl:.

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Fuck this shit fekin stupid fukin kids cup. Scrap it.

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