Liverpool thread


I don’t think Henderson could get in our team tbh.

Imagine all the frustration we have with Ramsey and multiply it by 20


Hendo is dogshit.

I’m pretty down on our team and everything, but I wouldn’t take him.

It’s no coincidence that Liverpool are improving as his responsibilities are being phased out.


I bloody hate Jordan Henderson. In my top 5 least likeable footballers. Sandwiched between Dele Alli and Eric Dier, so he’s in good company.

Honestly don’t know how anyone can rate Henderson that highly to be honest. I get the Milner praise, he probably is a bit under rated. But Henderson? Of course he has good games sometimes. I thought he was decent last week against Newcastle for example, but he often resembles a traffic cone. I don’t know any Liverpool fans who love him either.


Yeah literally every Liverpool fan I know thinks he’s average at best.


What do you dislike about him so much? At least with Dier and Dele they’re utter bellends but Henderson doesn’t seem to be.

Sure he’s average at best, is a passion merchant supremeo and Liverpools’s future is clearly a midfield that is Henderson free but I don’t see him as hugely dislikeable outside of thst.


It proves that when it comes to midfielders whoscored stats don’t tell the whole story. The likes of Modric, Kroos, Rosicky and Khedira don’t have particularly impressive whoscored ratings. Certainly not reflective of how important they were to their teams.

As for Henderson he’s been a key player in a title run before he ever met Klopp and much better passer and playmaker than Torreira.


What is your beef with Torreira?

Honestly, it’s beyond tedious.


Except they went to a CL final and went on their unbeaten run with him in the team

TBH this all shows how underrated he is as a player. People use the word ‘watercarrier’ in a derogatory way to describe him. But he runs box to box tirelessly linking up the play and defending like a workhorse. He’s there best long range passer to.


Actually Henderson is the type of workhorse team player that Ramsey should of become and looked like he would become in 2013 before he decided he was Captain Fantastic.


I’m guessing Ramsey covers more distance on the pitch than Henderson. (Just a guess)

Ramsey is a workhorse is his own right.


Henderson is right where he should be, he isn’t underrated in the least.

Hard worker and has made the most of his talent but he’s not close to a top player, he will be phased out of the Liverpool starting 11 soon. It has started already.


He’s OA’s yer da :joy::joy:


Whilst I agree that stats don’t tell the whole story, your made up scenario doesn’t tell one either.

Comparing Coquelin and Torreira as decent one-dimensional players is quite the statement. Coquelin only ever looked good next to Santi, and tbh everybody looks good next to Santi.

On the other hand, Torreira looks good, and has dominated midfields, next to Xhaka / Guendouzi. In this instance, it’s Torreira carrying the midfield. Coquelin never carried a midfield, he’d always be complimented by Cazorla’s excellent positioning, constant openness to receive the ball and ability to dribble / turn out of a press. Torreira is playing alongside Xhaka (no mobility, massively susceptible to pressing) or Guendouzi (poor positional awareness, holds on to the ball too long and average decision making all round).

You put Torreira next to that Santi and you’ve got yourselves a proper midfield combination. Torreira is going to look good no matter who you put him next to - there’s a reason we moved Coquelin on.


I disagree completely. Coquelin carried the defensive responsibility of the whole team and Torreira is playing pretty much the exact same role. If anything Coquelin may have been better on the ball than Torreira as he’s a more dynamic dribbler and could ping long balls if given time on the ball although the latter releases the ball a bit quicker than Le Coq tbf to him.

Anyway our midfield is still devoid of any artistry bar perhaps from Xhaka ironically enough.

Here’s a funny quote from 2016:

“Coquelin/Xhaka midfield duo and we’ll never concede”

There was a group back then who wanted Santi replaced and Coq kept. How perceptions change fast.


Coquelin was horrendous on the ball. Like really really bad to the point where the moment a competent ball carrier left the team his deficiencies became way more prevalent.


I don’t, it’s a comparison that was started with one of our fans mocking Liverpool’s midfield and arrogantly assuming our turgid midfielders were better.


Fuckers. Hope you lose everything. Cocky scousers.


Aaaaannnndddd you lost…score 1 to pep!


What the hell does this mean?