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According to whoscored’s stats Torreira wins in the following situation:

Torreira receives ball passes back to Sokratis, receives ball, loses ball, tackles back, passes side ways, receives ball back side ways, passes back, passes side ways, repeat x 90

Henderson receives ball, puts a 70 yard pinpoint pass onto forward who assists a goal. Henderson picks ball up outside his box, drives the ball up the field, plays 1-2s with various teammates before putting in another pre-assist.

Whoscored gives no extra for the quality of passes, for the movement over the pitch, for pre-assists etc. This is why you can’t judge midfielders only using whoscored metrics.

Also I’m not sure on the definition of ‘tackle’ or ‘interception’ or ‘dribble’ because I’d dispute some of their numbers based on the stats they’ve reported in games I’ve watched.

Also I’ll leave you with this. Mustafi had great stats on whoscored before we bought him. Think about that for a minute


Comparing Torreira to Kante and to Milner are two very different comparisons my hombre.

Torreira is the lesser one against Kante and the better one against Milner. I’d expect this to be a generally held view of Torreira across fans from different clubs.


Mustafi’s a decent defender and those stats will bear fruit, just give him time. You don’t get to be in or around the German NT set up unless you’re up there at the elite level


Jogi Low acknowledged the mistake and dropped Mustafi for quite a while already.



The final countdown :arteta: :poldi: :arteta: :poldi: :arteta: :poldi:


Crystanbul :joy:


Image if they managed to fuck it up again. They should just retire, then :wenger:


People were making the same arguments they’re making about Torieira about Coquelin a few seasons ago.


Stop digging


If you are arguing just for the sake of a reply, here is a reply.


LOL so if someone disagrees with you it’s for ‘the sake or arguing’. Our midfield is shite, they don’t defend well and they don’t transition well. Toreria is a decent 1 dimensional player, much Coquelin was.


Please stop this nonsense.


You’re right Coquelin had better defensive stats


No, someone can disagree and be reasonable. You are just typing nonsense now if you say Torreira is a 1 dimensional player. Waste someone else’s time.



He’s performing a certain role in this team, at Sampdoria he played a different role. At 22 he’s highly versatile, we haven’t seen the best of him by a long shot.


Prefers Coquelin. Says it all. :joy:


@arsenescoatmaker is right tho. I scoffed when Torreira was signed because he was being touted as a Santi replacement. Anyone with two eyes can see that he’s not anything close to Santi, Torreira is a defensive player with limited offensive capabilities. He’s not really a great passer and he can’t carry the ball or dribble past ppl. If he keeps this form up I will go on and say he’s better than Coq. The key is consistency tho, Coq had a year where he had the best defensive stats in all of Europe, but he had Santi alongside him to recycle balls he won, and he fell off after a purple patch.


You just seen everyone was excited about this signing and decided to be the exact opposite because you are a very boring shit troll


Don’t you remember the bicycle kick that Tor had??

Could Coq do it? I highly doubt.


Was he touted as a Santi replacement? Because I don’t seem to remember that ever being the case. I don’t think I’ve ever read anyone making that comparison because there isn’t one and there never has been one. Torreira is an excellent player who will grow exponentially into a world class central midfielder. Him and Bentancur will probably be the Uruguay midfield 2 for many years to come.

Lucas Torreira (11)