Liverpool thread


Tottenham aren’t in any title race. They’ll just put pressure on the team in second place. Like the pressure merchants they are



It was actually a pretty exceptional recovery from Stones after his original cockup.


Lovren is such a fucking hack. His sole mission today was disorganizing his own defence, creating openings for City. That shit ball in the end to VVD and then the reaction by the latter was all money. I loved how he then looked at Klopp with that 'What’s up with this guy?" face and Klopp gave his own “Sorry Virgil, that’s all we have.” face. :joy::joy::joy:


They missed Joe Gomez, thankfully for us


Love the fact we can call another teams centre half shite. Pity we couldnt get the leagues top scorer a chance to prove it saturday.
Why was that again. . .


Funny thing is Lovren would be our best CB lol.


Well of course, he’s one of the best in the world.


You are going hard for troll of the year :arteta:


Nah I think our recruitment staff are, given the state of our backline and trying to solve it by Leno, Sokratis & Lichsteiner :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m convinced Lichtensteiner was retiring and they asked him if he’d like to come to the PL and take the piss for a year.


He really wouldn’t be. He’s Mustafi level and Sokratis and Holding are both better than that.


Indeed. Don’t doubt he has some attributes but he is very unreliable on his own.


We’ll have to agree to disagree, I think Arsenal fans overate Sokratis because he’s Greek and talks tough. Ignore the fact he gets tight on attackers constantly and gives away needless fouls.

But yeah look Lovren is a bit of joker like all our defenders.


I don’t rate Sokratis very highly at all and I’ve made that very clear. But Lovren is worse than Sokratis and not better than Holding so your original point is still wrong in my opinion.


I suppose irrespective of what we think no point getting into a pointless debate about who’s less bad in regards to these jokers.

In regards to Holding I’ll admit he’s young and at least has the scope to get a fair bit better. If that eventuates or not remains to be seen though, hopefully the ACL doesn’t take a huge toll on him.


I get your point but for a guy who came not too long ago in the PL he is doing very well.
I was really iffy when we got him with the timing and all, especially after seeing him a bit all over the place in early friendlies BUT he has been solid right since the start of the PL, from the City game he got in and meant business.


Glad our unbeaten record stays. I could see only City doing the job tbh.

I still think Liverpool will win the league. I am okay with that.



These lads are Liverpool’s midfield. Next time someone complains to me about Arsenal’s midfield, I remind them that Liverpool are on a league winning campaign with Henderson, Wijnaldum and Milner as their midfield.


Who are all substantially better than our midfielders and limiting Keita and Fabinho’s game time.