Liverpool thread


I don’t really see that it matters what Pogba and Sissoko went for, that doesn’t change how much Xhaka cost, and it doesn’t change where he ranks in the list of most expensive centre mids at that point in time. I also clearly said that inflation is a factor for his position in a list of most expensive midfielders.

In fact, I don’t see anything in your post that challenges my assertion that Xhaka was an expensive signing at the time and not a cheap option.

I also said that he was one of the most expensive centre mids ever at that point, so I don’t really see why you’re questioning whether he still is, where he sits in that list now isn’t relevant if we are discussing whether he was expensive or cheap when we signed him.


He wasn’t a cheap option but he sits in stark contrast to Pogba the same window, ie going out and buying world class talent. He was still a moneyball signing of sorts. Performed well in a mid table system in a lesser league and we hoped he would carry that up a couple of levels. And he hasn’t yet. The likes of City are/were able to spend more money on youth prospects like Stones and Sterling for 50m a piece or 50m and 60m on fullbacks. That kind of puts 35m on Xhaka into perspective.

On paper they looked good signings that window but the fact all the signings from that window failed was a huge setback.

Still maybe with experience Xhaka comes good


It’s not just that we are not as ambitious as Liverpool in the transfer market, it’s more that they seem to have a manager who can attract the best players and a board willing to back him.
We don’t seem to have either.

Any players who we are interested in are going to look at our first team and see we are lacking quality in several positions.
We look like a club who lack ambition and world class talent and Liverpool look like a club who are doing their best with the resources they have.

I can understand that we can’t keep up with the big spenders like Man City, Chelsea and Man U but since when have Liverpool been more attractive than us?
Their ambition is clear, from the board to the manager and the players.
They have gone out and bought two world class players, and already have one of the best players in Europe.

What do we do?
Torreira was our biggest signing, so if that’s the extent of our ambition, then Liverpool are going to be even further ahead of us.


It did and still does. It is a rubble effect.
Pogba went for 90m, then Neymar, Mpabbe, Coutinho’s transfer fee were all over 100m+… I see you selling one on such and such price, I am not going to sell less than you.
100m, is nothing outrageous these days. The above mentioned players set the bar high already.


Look at the state of these. Genuinely are the weirdest cunts on the planet.


You say that but we’ve signed Auba, Ozil and Mikki recently

A problem a few years ago (according to Arsene) was that we kept getting outmuscled by United. Liverpool have only really gone for players where no one else was interested.


We could have signed any of Liverpool’s top players. Suarez basically agreed to join us at one point. Coutinho was available for scraps when Liverpool signed him. We could convince Salah to join as well.


Yeah, I had a giggle when I saw this earlier

“Greatest celebration of all time”

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Don’t worry mate :wink:


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It’s a very positive thing when schools etc do this kind of thing imo, but Liverpool Football Club… I hesitate to say it, but this is basically peak virtue signalling lol


We did just 100m on strikers to be fair.




why do they do this, how many times has this happened and they have been caught…it is stupidity of the highest order.


Other than betting on your team to lose I really don’t understand why betting is banned.

Edit: let’s say matches you’re involved in rather than just your team losing even.


What a job Klopp is doing, 33 points from 13 games & only 5 goals conceded in those 13 games. Who would have thought that was possible defensively with our how they defended a mere 12 months ago. VVD has been worth every cent.