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Fekir said that he’ll look for another challenge at the end of the season, Liverpool can still get him if they really want to,albeit at a higher price than formally agreed, quite laughable but who cares.


Understandable that Liverpool wanted a reduced fee when they found out how shit his knee is. A medical exist for a reason.


The thing is that maybe why he’s going for ‘only’ 50m anyway. He looks like a 100m player

I think they probably get him anyway


You can be sure Liverpool knew the extent of any Fekir’s injuries way before negotiations even started. Top level scouting is very extensive.

Only time discovery during a medical threatens a deal is where a player may be forced to retire, I don’t think Fekir’s injuries are to that extent, even then attempting to renegotiate a fee post medical is unheard of at the top level.

Poor tactic from LFC attempted on the wrong person


Why, do you think Lyon or Fekir’s agent would advertise his injury problems?

A few years back but Chelsea signed Torres without having time for the medical because Liverpool purposely delayed it. They had no idea how damaged Torres was.


Only a matter of time till they reach a new agreement surely


I don’t think Lyon or the player’s representation would advertise anything.

The onus is on Liverpool here to get a reasonably good idea of Fekir’s injuries from the outside looking in. Scouts do this all the time and do a good job of detailing a when a player was injured, it’s duration and player’s ability to be fit in the future in relation to his value.

It’s unheard of, at the top level, a team trying to reduce an agreed fee based on post medical information concerning a football injury. The ACL injury Fekir suffered had already been factored into the transfer fee. It was up to Liverpool to perform their own cost risk benefit analysis on whether they thought the outlay was worth the risk in light of an past ACL injury.

The Torres siutation (source?) isn’t relevant here.


Or maybe agent :laca: can do something about it :henry2:


Surely you can only have a surface level information by means of inquiry or scouting.

For instance take Vermaelen or Rosicky, would any scout or medical practioner gauge the extent of their injuries by merely looking or asking around, and understand the rarity of their respective injuries?
You never know what sort of ligament damage Fekir has until your medical team does a thorough first hand diagnosis.


The point is if his knee is fucked and you don’t want to take the risk, don’t sign him. That’s what Stoke did to Demba Ba but then Newcastle wanted to take the risk so paid his asking price.

Having a faulty knee isn’t a reason for a player to be worth £43m after you’ve agreed a fee of £53m. Also it says a lot about how much you value that player. Yeah he’s damaged goods so we’ll maybe take him if the price is right but we’re not too bothered. I’m sure he feels great about that.



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You play in league 2, pipe the fuck down


The guy who said it is a Scouse Liverpool fan. He made the comment as a Liverpool fan because he is sick of watching him, like most Liverpool fans.

I mean, yeah he plays in League 2 – but so what? I don’t play football at all but still know that Karius is not good enough for a club of Liverpool’s statue. And I still have strong views on my own club.


Hes damaged goods Karius and under immense scrutiny now. Seen nothing in his game or personality that says he turns this round.


There’s a difference between a fan having an opinion on someone being shit (as we all do) and some league 2 clogger shouting it at a Premier League player during a match they’re both playing in.

For a start it’s a cuntish thing to say to an opponent for no good reason when your team has just scored against them and secondly even if Karius is shit, he’s a damn sight better than this utter nobody.

This guy might be a Liverpool fan and not rate Karius, but in this moment he isn’t representing himself as a fan, he’s a professional footballer representing his club. A shit footballer representing a shit club at that, he needs to wind his neck in.