Liverpool thread


Yes they are likely to happen again though as history has shown as Liverpool are not Barca or Real and Torres, Suarez, Mane, Salah and the likes will leave and go where they get astronomical wages and win things which they don’t a Liverpool.

Can has already gone to Juve to win something, Real were about to sign Mane with Zidane, Liverpool finished 25 points of City in 4th. Keita there “super signing” has been bang average this season and Shakiri is Europe top talent?

I again point out that if you take Salah and his 10-15 points and unbelievable season they drop right down the pecking order as they still cant defend, choke in the big games and still cant win on these rainy days against the EPL grit following big Euro performances.

These are all facts and until they change this and win something its all as my friend said above… Potential.


Not sure how credible this chap is.


they steal torreira off us instead haha. Really strange, wonder if he has something wrong with his knee still or something that has got the medical staff nervous


And now…


That’s definitely a fake/parody account haha


Lyon have just announced that Fekir is staying though

So that account is right!


I saw your tweet after :joy:

The account is a fake but I guess he got that one correct! Haha



Liverpool’s transfer banter really can’t be beaten hahahaha


Liverpool are always full of devious tricks when in comes to transfers. Serves them right


Good times


Loool what the fuck could a medical show up that would make a player still worth signing but signing for a bit less? You want to take the risk or you don’t.

I really hope that’s what they did.


I keep reading dodgy knee.



Not lookin so rosy now are they?


I read they wanted a 10M discount for every missing ligament.


Stitching Aulas like this will only make this deal harder to process now. If they want him still, they’ll have to pay well over the odds to convince this man.


Maybe, when he took his shirt off, they saw he has a great big “I love Man U” tattoo :grinning:


Good that. They would have been incredible with him.


Hahahahahahahahahahaha lolpool still lolpooling I see :joy::joy::joy:


Happy that it now looks like the Fekir deal is off, fantastic player.