Liverpool thread


Because he has done it in Germany and England (Liverpool came of 6-8th place finishes) if he wins it. Whilst Atletico needed to fight off two clubs, Liverpool needs to fight off City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal is of comparable stature. That’s huge. (Quique Sanchez Flores also won the Europa League whilst at Atletico Madrid).


IMO it doesn’t matter, La Liga is a harder league to win than the PL and definitely more so than the Bundesliga.

Also he has got Atletico to more CL finals and has a much, much better finals record compared to Klopp, it’s not even a contest and is pretty spectacular. Additionally he doesn’t work under the same financial constraints.


I rate Klopp ahead of Simeone.

Takes balls to leave your comfort zone and test yourself in a completely different environment. Klopp has proved me totally wrong with his management of LFC.

It’s proof his method are transferable in a different environment


1 title in 6 years at Liverpool and you would consider him better than the managers who have won the Champions League twice at least? A bit of an overeaction, tbh.


And yet he hasn’t won anything in the other environment…


The methodology is elite though. Silly to put too much emphasis on winning things. A league cup or FA cup is minor validation.

Klopp has made huge leaps in both the league and CL. He’s clearly building a side to compete for big honours


The thing is even if they lose Salah they’ll probably get 200m for him and buy Leon Bailey and a host of other talents.


Methodology is quite a poor measure for being considered top manager without the success tbh.

Simeone is above Klopp, Liverpool may play better football but Simeones achievements blow his out of the water no question.

I’m not taking anything away from him, the team he’s putting together is excellent but if they don’t give City a real run for the title and at least finish second then questions need to be asked.


Fucking hell :arteta:


It’s about the club for me. Not so long ago Liverpool was finishing outside top five to a potential Premier League title whilst competing against Guardiola and Mourinho. That’s a huge achievement.


They were 25 points off Man City in 4th and won dick all so far……???



Another great meme


Cheers jacky…


Oh “meme”… I thought you said…never mind


Potential being the key word here. I think they are going to challenge in coming seasons. They only lost five games last season that is something to build upon.


Sorry I don’t see it.

Brendan Rogers got them to 2nd in 2013/14 and they said the same…

Never happened

We finished 2nd in 15/16

Never happened

They finish 4th and have “great potential” ???

Freddy Adu had bags of potential but until its translated into results like actual trophies it means squat. C’mon man I don’t mean to quibble or be rude but this is just speculation based on opinion not fact. Fact is they have won nothing and some might say Klopp is a specialist in this and he keeps losing the big finals throughout his career.



The differences in 2nd are huge though, Liverpool got 84 points that season whilst scoring 100+ goals, whilst we limped our way to 71 points in what was an anomaly of a season.


Dalglish is a legend tbh. Great player and carried his club in its hour of need.


Agreed there - but my point is still about not kicking on from there the following season for both teams. However we won trophies at least Liverpool just faded away. Add to that they did not score as much this season as in that season either so to me there still just a potential title challengers at best and still no silverware luke the spuds. Chelsea, Man U and us have at least won a couple if bits of silverware each.

One thing I will say though is i’m certain that if we do change to a fast pressing counter attacking style this season we will be a different beast. We just need to sort our midfield out to accommodate this as we have pace across the team and great passers but no-one to break up play to initiate these flying counters.

Still there seems to be talk and movement transferwise so we shall see…


Their problem in the following season was :

A) There best player was sold and not replaced
B) Their second best player went onto have a long term injury

Neither of those are likely to happen again. In fact they look like keeping most of their players and massively upgraded their squad with Europes top talent. Completely different scenario.