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Hahaha, nah never even crossed my mind. Was never gonna happen.


Again, you are speaking in conditional terms, which equates to wishful thinking. Maybe you can actually quote people building whole anti-Wenger arguments based on conditionals to prove this hypocrisy you are speaking of.

You have a very linear way of thinking. You can’t see into dimensions and progressions.

Wenger’s rule was a progression just like Klopp’s. For as long as that progression had a positive slope, people didn’t mind the 4th spot. Then the slope turned negative and you could predict that we would fall out of the 4 best teams in England. That is a fact that happened. Then there is an abundance of things that could have been done better in order to keep us in the top 4 or more, even on the “tight” budget that you have clutched yourself into as if your life depended on it. All these things were evident for ordinary people like me, you and Joe to see, and if we could see them then Wenger could see them too, but he chose to ignore them and do things his way. His way didn’t work anymore.

Let me ask you something. What do you make of Arsenal’s campaign in 2005/2006 season? If you don’t remember it, I will refresh your memory - we finished 4th and lost the CL final to Barcelona. Can you relate that season to the present day and the season another English club has just had? In hindsight, do you think this is the best season Arsenal have had under Wenger since the invincibles season? If not, which ones are better?


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The double winning season of 2001/2002 was the 2nd best season we had under Wenger. Sorry misread you said post invincible’s. Yeah I think it probably was given how good the CL run was.


I said since the Invincibles season.


Yeah beat me to it just apologised after I read through the post again :joy:


I’d argue 07/08 was the best season since the invincibles. A crap January transfer window cost us at least one trophy


So even though Wenger has won 4 FA Cups in the discussed period, you’d argue that our best season in same period is a trophyless one. Yet Liverpool’s season has obviously been average according to some people because they haven’t a trophy to show for it despite the fact that they have played some exhilarating football, reached the final of Europe’s most prestigious football competition and have probably been the 2nd best team in England this year.


Its a toss of a coin between that and 13/14. In that season we did win a trophy, beat an arguably better Liverpool side than they have now twice and were top of the league for ages (a shameless record of being at top for the longest period of time without actually winning the league)

If I’m not mistaken, did we go unbeaten at home in the league in both 07/08 and 13/14?


We defiantly did in 07/08, only lost 3 games that season at the Riverside, Old Trafford & Stamford Bridge.


Apart from losing the opening game of the season at home to the mighty Aston Villa we did go unbeatenin 13/14 yes.

And Liverpool dismantled us in the league 5-1 that season. And they weren’t the only ones to give us an embarrassing beating.

So Liverpool won the FA Cup in 2005/06 and also came third in the league on 82 points, which is 15 more than our tally that season and also more than our tally in the 13/14 season and one point less than our tally in the 07/08 season when we didn’t win anything. I guess that trumps all our seasons under Wenger since the invincibles.


This is a different discussion altogether though.
I don’t think highly of Wenger’s last 2 seasons as well.


Typical of you to ignore all points and come up with a distraction though.


I don’t see any of your points has to do anything with what I replied to you before that.

So I don’t know why I should bother entertaining something I am not interested in.






The Anfield Wrap blog is something else this week.

“We hadn’t really lost the final, we just didn’t win it”

Liverpool fans also appear to have invented travel. Pretty remarkable, that.

Their self importance and entitlement knows no bounds.


You can mock but they made that CL Final a home game in it’s atmpophere. They have 8 European trophies because they have one of the most passionate travelling and home support bases in the world gives them a 12th man on the pitch. Part of the reason for their great run in 13/14 where they scored 100 goals was the atmosphere at Anfield. Something our library never comes close to.


I hate Real Madrid but my god I am so fucking glad they lost this now :joy:


They didn’t lose it.

They just didn’t win it. But they did win the hearts of the ENTIRE WORLD!