Liverpool thread


I get the feeling he doesnt quite understand what hindsight actually means.


Yes, the sales have been awful.

Dare I say it, we need Daniel Levy in charge. He wouldn’t give you the steam off his piss.


" Had we won 5 more games away " Hahahahahahahaha


Had we got 40 more points, we’d have won the league.

Tight margins.


Klopp has fucked up teeth, guys.



Sorry but each time I see klopp (nothing against him or to be degrogatory) I just see a person that has been homeless for a long time and is in need of some personal care and a good shower.


Yellow teeth cunt.


little harsh eh :smiley: ?


I do like him, but he looks like a proper cunt there.


He’s also a cunt


I must admit i really like Klopp. He is just managing the wrong club. Boy do i hate Liverpool fans !


Dude you literally never have any rebuttal to my points; dumb remarks


People miss the point they finish 2 points ahead of Chelsea who had a shit season; but hey pretend it was all good.


I think people are more implying the Champions League Final appearance is what made thier season good rather than the league finish.


Lelelelelel yeah the one they shouldn’t have been in if not for a masive amount of luck, got shit on at a neutral field, and woulda crashed out to Batca like 6 or 7 - 1 over two legs, but yeah guzzle down that kool-aid bruh :clap::clap::clap:


Liverpool would have beat that Barca team at Anfield, would have been a very close tie.


Lulul ur smoked out homie.


They are unbearable. Image if they had the Champions League.


Now this is exactly the hypocrisy I usually talk about you lot.

When it comes to Arsenal, ‘We would have not been in Top 4 If Tottenham won couple of games’
If so and so had scored, we would have lost’
If we played a better team, we would have lost’

But use similar if & could when it comes to other clubs, suddenly its not applicable.