Liverpool thread


It’s literally still not a trophy.


I know that; hence I said it was used to beat us with every time we finished forth.


Those deals were clearly in process well before they were announced; they made progress in the CL not the premier league


OK, good. It was used to beat us down because it was the sum total of our ambition, with our manager even equating it to a trophy, which at that time, the fans were desperate for.


Bad for us meaningful to others.


We are close but always short and never pushed hard enough to strengthen.
Wenger relied too much on under performing players and refused to strengthen adequately.
He was totally to blame and was given more time to adjust than any manager in the PL but chose not to.


Their form in the PL tailed off because they were in the latter stages of the CL and their squad was hit with injuries, if you can’t see it OK but that’s the reality.

As for the deal for Fabinho it can’t be said one way or the other, however, their form in the CL was most likely a big factor in him signing for them.


Nope not bad, just people wanted more. Like Liverpool fans (as you mentioned) will want more.


In terms of transfer fees. Go back and check our salary spend. When you add up the two costs, you then get a full picture of a club’s relative spending power.

Too much focus is given on the fees, but the biggest cost to any club is how much you pay your players. We were always around 4th or higher in terms of spend on salaries.


When have we had an exciting transfer window, or an exciting season, or anything more than the bare minimum in the PL.

If Wenger had tried harder to get world class players perhaps we might have kept the ones we had.
You talk as if Liverpool haven’t achieved anything yet what does that say about us?
Do you think they are going to finish behind us in the PL.
Do you not think they are doing their best to strengthen with exciting new players?

They have done more in the last two seasons than we have done since we have been at the Emirates.
So what was the point of leaving Highbury?


No it did not they patches of inconsistency throughout the season it just went unnoticed because of the CL


We have underachieved throughout the years that is clear as day.

Exciting window doesn’t translate to a great season.


You could say the exact same for transfer fees.

Your arguments are all over the place. But at least mhappy has turned up now so you no longer look like the stupidest person in this thread.




I’d settle for either.
It would be something more than having a boring window followed by a predictably boring season.
Watching a couple of world class signings playing for us would at least take the edge off of sixth place.


You chose to believe so.
Funny how someone who says I chose to not see Craigie’s post has been at it for whole time but has the audacity to call me out on that.


Too many responses in here, tldr. Has Klopp won a trophy yet? :joy::joy::joy:


We are being jealous of Liverpool of all clubs.

When was the last time they won something meaningful?


They haven’t won anything but they heading in the right direction, passing us going the other way.


We were better than them for a long time, now they’ve had a better season or two. Guess what tho, they’ve got nothing to show for it lol. And they aren’t gonna win shit. Maybe another couple 75 point seasons with no trophies and they’ll bw back in 5th or 6th.