Liverpool thread


It’s inconvenient for you, so you’ll just post a sarcastic two word response. Plenty has been written about wages being a far more relevant determinant of finishing position than net spend. Live in ignorance if you want to, its no skin off my nose.




Wenger fan boys still distorting the truth. Nothing new here.


It isn’t.
Just because someone is paid more doesn’t mean he is a better player.

Example - Welbeck


And even if it was a great indicator, We achieved the ‘on par’ and yet we were criticized.


Wait; let me get this straight where did the idea of the fourth palce trophy come from?

And yes many on here were critical of the team just finishing forth a few times third a few times and second, a lot you guys weren’t happy with the forth place trophy.

Liverpool played well in the league but it didn’t translate to any success, frankly speaking they could have finished 5th if Chelsea won two more games, had we won 5 more away games they would have been 5th also. Yeah they made the champions league final but it does change the fact, for all the hype they could have missed out of champions league for the next season.

I get what Trion is saying; it’s idotic to reduce to Wenger fan boyism, it’s how people look at what we did over the last few years.




That’s all you can do because there is no rebuttal to what I’ve said.




They are actually making progress, with us we were achieving 4th place not going anywhere and regressing if anything.

They are adding quality to the squad season after season and going into next season may very well be the main challengers to City for the title, sure they finished 4th but I also attribute that to being in the final stages of the CL and have a threadbare squad due to injuries.

Liverpool finishing 4th and us finishing 4th can’t be compared IMO, the two clubs are most likely on a different trajectory.


Interpretation the facts.
We have always done the bare minimum.
We are always two or three top quality players short of having a title winning team and that’s why the world class players we do have leave,

Look how Liverpool have not only overtaken us but are pulling away as well.
They have a great manager, great players, are well ahead of us in the PL and already this transfer window have done more business than we are likely to do in the whole of it.

As a club, we are lazy, complacent and unambitious and that’s why the board tolerated Wenger for so long.


Again that’s hindsight.

For them, the squad must have seemed ready to win trophies and we were close for fair few occasions.


Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger.

Arsène Wenger has suggested that Arsenal should regard the prospect of securing fourth place in the Premier League and entry into next season’s Champions League qualifying round as comparable to winning a cup.

“The first trophy is to finish in the top four,” said Arsenal’s manager in the wake of Saturday’s 2-0 FA Cup fifth-round defeat at Sunderland. “And that’s still possible. I believe finishing fourth is vital for us, so let’s focus on that.”


So barely finishing forth twice in a row is called progress just because you buy players.

We’ve finished higher then forth during they course of progress, you could say we’ve regressed which allowed them in the position they are in.


Yeah and people used to beat us down with it, but now it’s a good thing.


But, it is not now nor has it even been a trophy.


Their brand of football is exciting and they made a CL final beating the historic side to get there.

That’s progress yes.


Yeah tell that to those who are celebrating Liverpool forth places achievement


Exciting football that got them the bare minimum


It got them to the CL final and that’s an achievement as well as huge progress, it’s why players like Fabinho signed and why Fekir and Alisson may sign also.

Not sure where you’re getting that people are celebrating their 4th place finish.