Liverpool thread


And then I pointed out that it wasn’t as easy as people thought.
Chelsea, Liverpool, United, City all struggled with finishing 4th despite their obvious financial strengths.

We were consistently overachieving and finishing in Top 4.


Yeah, and I said they got criticised for missing out when they shouldn’t have. So Where’s the hypocrisy?

You rabidly pro Wenger types have such a pathetic victim mentality, always crying about some sort of perceived injustice.


When we were finishing top 4 Liverpool and Spurs were consistently shit and ridiculed for it. If they were a little bit better we wouldn’t have been in the top 4 as much because we never were much good either. That’s why we were criticized even though we were still in the top 4.


We never were much good but somehow its justified to criticize us for overachieving


It isn’t about them not being criticized.
It’s about us being criticized for finishing top 4


You misunderstand what overachieving is. We have the resources and the measures of a club that shouldn’t be content with top 4. If top 4 is all we get, a lot of times barely scraped, that is a lot closer to underachieving than overachieving.


How was us coming 4th overachieving ? Wasn’t it just par for the course ?


So we return to the point that Craigie explained this and you just not wanting to hear it.


Lowest net spend in league.
Infact negative net spend


So your saying we should get relegated ? Every manager should just keep the money in the bank under that logic and then they are bound to overachieve.


by logic of ‘on-par’, we should.

But by my logic, we overachieved.


How well is Klopp going then ? Making the CL final on his net spend…


Game. Set. Match.


How? I like Kloop


Your logic is rubbish. Spending on wages is a far more relevant measure than net transfer spend, and we were pretty consistently in the top four for amount spent on wages.

We finished where we should have finished


That is just hindsight


That’s convenient


Yet criticized


Nonsense. I and many others have been criticising the club/Wenger for years about only doing the bare minimum/not doing all they could to achieve.


Hindisght still.
You have no way of knowing whether they aimed to achieve more or just played for bare minimum.

You are just interpretating.