Liverpool thread


All the finals he lost can be qualified surely?

The ones in Germany were against Bayern, right?
Also he beat them in a final once.

Then the CL final was against Bayern and Real Madrid.

Then lost on pens in the league cup final against City. Only one you can really say he had the tools to win the final was Sevilla in the Europa but he just got done by Emery :henry2:

It’s not too bad a record in the context.


This delusion again. Klopps had 2 campaigns in europe with Liverpool and equaled Wengers 22 years record of 2 finals.


The new signings could be what they were previously lacking. Fabinho and Keita added to the centre of their midfield is such a massive upgrade on what they had there, that really cannot be overstated.

@Stroller I hadn’t realised that until just now hahaha



Nah, Klopp has been extremely lucky. Wenger basically won the CL if not for being screwed by the refs.


Liverpool had a successful season.

However weirdly Arsenal reaching 2 finals has been a failure of a season. #LifeisWeird


We reached one final (for the least important domestic cup competition) and finished 6th in the league with only 3 away points in the year 2018 so far.

Liverpool finished in the top 4, made it to the CL final and played some outstanding football along the way.

It’s not really weird tbh


Top 4 trophy for lolpool!! How exciting!!


Oops in my mind We were in Europa finals. Silly me.


No Champions League final and what’s looking like a very well balanced squad is what’s exciting for Liverpool mate.

But you know that.


So the 4th place is like a trophy now? :mustafi:


It’s not a trophy, it’s a higher league placing which automatically qualifies Liverpool for Europe’s premier cup competition :slightly_smiling_face:


Wasn’t 4th place some sort of joke?


People dismissing top 4 like it’s not important, like it means nothing.

With us, a lot of the piss taking was because getting to the top 4 was our sole ambition. They weren’t laughing at the 4 four achievement in itself – our seasons become tediously repetitive Though I guess you can say our achievement of getting to the CL 20 years in a row was downplayed somewhat.


4th was a joke when there were 4 good teams and we didn’t want to achieve anything more.

Now there are 6 good teams 4th is a more impressive feat. And if you’re a team with any ambition it should be a stepping stone to better things.


I think you mean 5 good teams and us.


Yet all of other teams fell out of Top 4 when it was supposed to be an easy task.
I wonder why


And when they did underperform and fall short they were criticised for it.

I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make.


The point is the evident hypocrisy.
Constant dismissal of Top 4 finishes but now that we are not in it, suddenly it is a really important achievement.


Craigie explained it above, you just don’t want to hear it