Liverpool thread


Us “starting talks” hasn’t meant a whole lot for some time, it seems half hearted to a degree.

And sure you can re-up with three years left with improved terms why not, of course there’s the possibility he simply didn’t want to but our concerted effort doesn’t quite cut the mustard.


Liverpool managed to get Suarez, sterling and coutinho to sign a contract less than a year before they were sold. It’s not like liverpools players wanted to move any less then ours.

In hindsight we gained absolutely nothing and lost a bucket load from running our players contracts down since we were unable to supplement these players with other quality players to form a title winning squad. Arsenal and Wenger were under the illusion by holding onto them into their final year we would still be able to win something big or persuade them to re-sign neither were true and its cost us big time.


It was rumoured that Arsenal initiated talks ages ago but Ramsey’s situation with his agent leaving his agency put things on hold.

Ramsey is now that particular agent’s biggest client and he’s probably looking to a major payday as this is his last big contract. Ramsey himself has always been indifferent to this club and would be willing to leave for a different situation.

I’d sell him this summer tbh


It was rumored that Suarez got the promise he was allowed to leave after one year in his new contract. When you make those kind of promises; yeah, they might sign on the the dotted line.

The latter was only the case with Sanchez. Which was stupid. Van Persie saw us going nowhere. He wasn’t wrong.


Than you can re-up players every year.


The point is it’s not unheared of is it?

There’s no unwritten rule that says you have to attempt to extend a contract when it has 2 years left or less especially when you’re shitty at negotiation anyway.


Ramsey’s camp blocked the negotiations in this case it appears…


I don’t even know what point your trying to make with all this SD


Think a lot of it also had to do with Wenger’s loyalty to players, making sure they found the best destinations etc.

But selling Henry for £16 m, RVP for £24m and Cesc for £35m is criminal compared to how Liverpool sold their best players.


Tight scousers basically


75 points and 6 straight lost cup finals for Klopp :joy::joy::joy:


Our ex-manager couldn’t even qualify for that competition that Klopp just lost.

He’s building a good team, that clearly plays the way he wants his team to play and it’s a process that Liverpool have been patient with that will no doubt reap rewards.


Yeah, there’s the feeling that even though he’s lost many finals in recent years it will pay off in the end.

He’s making the necessary improvements to the squad year after year and they play exhilarating football, I think he’s too good a coach for it not to click into at some point.

They get Alisson and Fekir and they will be right up there.


You really are a shit troll tbh


Oh he couldn’t qualify? My bad I read somewhere that he qualified 20 times in a row, hmm I musta got some bad info.


Lol nah just a shit person cause I’m not trolling. I just really love to lol at lolpool when everyone is gushing over them and they alwayyyyssssss fail…never a doubt in my mind they were gonna bottle it and the luck they had to get there everyone just conveniently forgets that. Lulululul Hala Madrid lolpool = shit.


That’s not relevant though. He didn’t qualify for consecutive seasons and floundered in the secondary competition too (which coincidentally, at least Klopp made the final of).

I’ve been a huge critic of Klopp but he’s made a lot of his critics sit down and take note of the importance of patience and rebuilding. Because we’re all so obsessed with instant results we sometimes forget that a manager needs his own players, the backing of the club and time to implement his ideas. This coming season will be the third full season of Klopp at Liverpool and at present they look like the team capable of challenging City or having another nice run in Europe.


They will be shit and they’ll get knocked out of Europe wayyyy earlier. Guaranteed.


They’ll still do better than us.


You are overhyping them. Yes, they have done very well with their signings, but i can’t see them winning any trophy soon. They always seem to lack something.