Liverpool thread


Yeah, that’s why i asked how their season would be described. I didn’t compare the two journeys. Clearly they’ve been better than us. I was just pointing out that the end result would be the same. Like I said, I was asking for people’s opinion on how they would look back on it, whether it’d be seen as a success etc. It was a genuine question.


A success, yes, but only in a relative sense. Thanks for trying.


Well yeah, that’s what I mean. I’d feel disappointed if I was a Liverpool fan. I know they always say “the table doesn’t lie” but I still think there is a case to be made that Liverpool were the second best team in the league this season.


We do love it, don’t they?


There is nothing relative about their season, it’s been a success.

They have completely exceeded expectations as it is. And to doubt they’ll get the 4th spot is way beyond wishful thinking.


Phoebica understands what I mean. You, on the other hand, not so much. BTW, did I mention them losing out on fourth? Didn’t think so.


They will draw against Brighton and get destroyed against Madrid. Is reaching the chl final a trophy? I dunno.


This is only natural, you are so intelligent that it’s hard to understand you. The curse of a genius.

What made you think I said you mentioned them losing out on 4th?


Re read your response.


I don’t need to.




I can see your intellect prevents you from forming an argument.


Nice bitchfight guys. Move it to Facebook will ya…


That is still a very good season for them. Reaching the CL alone is a huge achievement . Their stock is well up now and they will reap some major investment off it. Next few seasons we have to try and make sure they dont get too far ahead of us.


They’ve understandably taken their foot off the gas in the league in recent weeks and it’s put them in a precarious position but there is no doubt in my mind they’ll qualify for the CL.


Most of my friends are LOLpool fans, and i wouldnt hear the end of it if they somehow won the cl. On top of that is Denmark one of the most Liverpool fc dominated countries in the world because of Daniel Agger and their dominance in 70s and 80s. Pls R. Madrid do ur work. :giroud3:


And Jan Mølby!!

I wish Arsenla had a bigger following in Denmark. Bendtner and Faxe just weren’t enough.


That shocks me. Bendtner is a worldwide hero

Those Danes… don’t know talent when it kicks them in the face :cristo:


I remember when we bought Jensen after a good performance in the European Championship and he scored a great goal for Denmark.

It only took him ninety eight games to get a goal for us :facepalm:


No way known Brighton win at Anfield, home many home games have Liverpool lost in the Prem/ CL this season ? Unbeaten in 24 is it ?