Liverpool thread


I honestly actually had not seen your post when I made mine. I just saw SRCJJ talking about how much he loved that run and thought I’d chip in cos I was at Highbury for quite a few of them :slightly_smiling_face:


I loved and hated it at the same time.

I remember sitting right in front of my TV and chanting ‘defend defend defend’ every time we didn’t have the ball like I was possessed by Lucifer.

We played defences with Flamini at LB Vs Real Madrid ffs.

It was all going so perfectly until that offside Etoo in Paris :santi:



Tbh when I witnessed the Lakers lose in the NBA Finals to the Celtics, it was devastating. Same with the Dodgers last year. I couldn’t bring myself to feel any joy whatsoever just heartbreak. The whole season wasted nothing to show for it. Imo I would rather not make it to the final just to lose. Would rather just get knocked out in the first round.


Nah! Cmon… playing in a final is an honor and a privilege only “the best” or “luckiest” 2 teams get.


Hurts too much when you lose.


My Celtics will beat your Lakers’ ass again and again, AND AGAIN!!!

Anyway, the thing that I don’t agree of you is, you’d rather lose in the first round.

Yes, it was devastated to lose in the final (your fucking Andrew fucking Bynum injured my Perkins and no call… fuck it), but that’s how your players, especially young players grow and learn more from it.

You have a taste of being the champion, you are so close to be number 1, the motivation of coming back stronger and “revenge/payback” feeling is much more than you are getting out in the first round and treat like we still have next year.


Hope these scouse cunts lose to Real.


Yeah kinda want real to 3peat now lol

Now that I want them to win I bet they lose. Haha


They’ll lose.



And yet still not won a PL title :joy:


Arsenal still 6th :wenger:


I’ve always quite liked Liverpool, probably because their supporters despise Man U as much as I do but they could finish this season with no trophies and no CL place.

I don’t mind them winning the CL, if only to wind up Mourinho.


Indeed. For all the bluster about Liverpool this season, they have to get a point on the final day to guarantee CL football.

Of course, they could finish 5th and then win the CL, but it seems to be a rather precarious position for a team that people have been jizzing over for months now.


I would love it


Since boxing day they’ve drawed three and lost two and reached the Champions League final with entertaining football. Their last few months have been impressive.


Say Liverpool did somehow manage to lose to Brighton and drop to fifth place, and then they lose to Real Madrid in the CL final – how would their season be described? Given that our season has been dreadful and they’ve been “wonderful”? They’d effectively end up in the same position as us - no trophies and no CL football.


Their season would be labelled as a Heartbreaking Progress


Cant stand these melts. Hope Real will smash them to pieces.


yes away victories.

In all seriousness, what you are suggesting is not even hypothetical. To compare their season to ours is to completely disregard the course of the whole season by just comparing specifically selected aspects of the end result, only to push forward some agenda against Liverpool.

Seeing as they weren’t favourite for any of the awards they are still competing for, obviously their season has been a success regardless of the final outcome.