Liverpool thread


Yeah, I don’t bemoan Klopp or Guardiola for this reason, but it really does suck that probably the best two managers in the world happened to move to rivals right before the summer in which it should’ve been obvious to everyone that Wenger had to go.

Then again you can make a pretty strong case that it should’ve been obvious already after the 14/15 season.



ribena is more popular than Milner tho…shocking that haha


hes just done what Wenger has done in 22 years in europe here. Even if we win thursday he has another CL final under his belt with Dortmund. We missed the fucking boat. But hey lets have a fanfare against Burnley and dream about the early days.


He still won’t win, doesn’t matter.


And Wenger has never won a European trophy in 30 years of management, what’s your point ?


I’m not the one who brought Wenger up in this thread lol, get over it.


I brought Wenger into the thread to highlight the mistake we made by not moving for Klopp.


Treble when someone mentions Wenger in a thread


I wouldn’t mind Liverpool winning it for van Dijk and Wijnaldum. I also like for them to have a sustainable title run next season to at least give some hope for Arsenal that it can be done. Third I don’t really interact with Liverpool supporters. So I don’t have to deal with obnoxious behaviour.


@Phoebica is right. I forgot how annoying Liverpool fans were until recently.

You just never heard from them because they were even more of a meme than us until now.


Let’s fucking win tonight so we can celebrate and enjoy either way.


Two of my best friends are Liverpool fans who were giving me grief even during the depth of their dark times.

You can only imagine who unbearable they’ve been and will be.


Arsenal the only English team to win an european trophy this season. You heard it first :ozil2:


TBF many people wanted Moyes when he was at Everton but they probably won’t be bragging about that one.


I dunno we have trophies and they have nothing. I’d rather have 3 FA Cups that are tangible than a Champions League runner up we put the pressure on Real trophy, with a huge caveat that they were lucky with the draw to get there. As much as ppl wanna say City are so great they have never done anything of note in Europe.


The match hasn’t been fucking played yet!


As painful as it was to lose to Barcelona in the final, that was the single most exhilarating season and nothing has come close to replicating my excitement for that CL final since. It was just incredible.


I was at our home matches for the knockout rounds. Nothing has ever topped those two matches against Juve and Real. Just fucking incredible


Nobody is disputing the fan experience.


Yeah I don’t think people like A4TT will appreciate stuff like that because they didn’t experience it.

But as nice as 3 FA cups are the satisfaction of winning that didn’t match the satisfaction of knocking out Real and Juventus. They were super heavyweights at the time too. Beating the Galacticos and Capello’s Juventus was a dream season for us…

But yeah the trophies are nice but Europe was just different. I’ll never forget that season.