Liverpool thread


You leave that thread alone



Baros never even managed double figure league goals in the Premier League, what you call that ? Top quality ? :rofl:


Yeah Baros was always so overrated.


Yeah people rated him because of some flash in the pan Euro 2004, never rate players due to a 5 match international tournament.


Just had a thought: I wonder how Coutinho must feel right now


Not as bad as the members on this forum that wanted Klopp in 3 years ago… myself @Stroller @ronniec


Did you want Klopp?

Why have you never mentioned that before?


He isn’t sweating it, he got his dream move and won the double.

Whereas Liverpool have it all to do, even if they win don’t see how he isn’t happier at Barca.


He can win the treble… he’ll get a medal if Liverpool win the CL

Liverpool got a good deal there though. £145m for a player who they haven’t really missed.


Ah yeah I remember reading that although Klopp would have final say or something?


Lol if we could get posts from the old forum you could see I wanted Klopp, but I will confess I’ve wanted most highly touted managers for the last 6 years.
One thing is for certain though, I knew Wenger needed to fuck off.


I also said they’d continue scoring goals aplenty after he left.


They averaged less points per game with him playing too. So it’s evident they function better as a team when he isn’t playing.


I mean, I think there were a number of people who wanted Klopp? I was still not 100% Wenger out at that point but I wanted him and definitely wanted Pep a few months after. So if I was still in my very difficult transition phase from Wenger lover to Wenger outer stands to reason that there were loads of other people that wanted a clearly top manager like Klopp or Pep.




I think you were just Wenger I’m at that point, but you changed your tune after the 15/16 Leicester title winning season.


Nah, I was rooting for us to lose against Leicester in February of 2016–Leper loved this!–so Wenger would be fired (how naive! xD) so was definitely 100% Wenger out by then, I also remember posting about how we shouldn’t turn down the opportunity to sign Guardiola, before @Powderfinger I think it was shut me down reminding me that City probably offered him wages well above what we would give and the Txiki Begiristain and Ferran Soriano connection making it unlikely we had a chance. I also remember telling my Liverpool supporting friend in January of 2016 when I was in NY that I was jealous as fuck of him and that Liverpool would be surpassing us soon. I guess I probably wasn’t 100% Wenger out until that dip of form in January that season.

edit: really sucks we don’t have the old forum, it’s completely lost now is it @mods?


@doc @me @loadsofothers

I don’t feel bad though. It was never on the table so no point bemoaning it.


Klopp won’t win the CL.


Well, he is a specialist in losing finals :mustafi: