Liverpool thread


Full credit to Liverpool, they have gone from Arsenal fans saying " Do you want to become the next Liverpool" to being in a Champions League Final, going unbeaten along the way scoring 40odd goals inside 3 years.


That’s why I’m pleased Wenger has gone


I don’t want to disrespect their efforts by saying they had it “easy” in the competition because nothing is ever easy but you have to say they’ve played teams who seemed surprising content to roll over or just not defend.

Liverpool look like the only team in Europe who’ve turned up in every round with the intention of trying to win the CL and for that reason they would be worthy winners.


Too right Jake. There is an element of Wenger “letting” the likes of Spurs and Liverpool overtake us, no doubt.


If it was us we’d have probably bottled the Round of 16 tie vs Porto haha.


Wouldn’t have finished top of the group anyways.

Would have finished second and got Man United and naively lost to them.

Edit or Bayern/Barca as per because if uefa draw rules


We’d have beaten Porto but lost handsomely to Man City.

We have to make it a clean sweep of having lost to all the English teams in the champions league at some point…


Yeah we have successfully managed it vs Chelsea, Liverpool ( Though robbed in that one) & United.


That Liverpool one still rankles. If we had “beef” with them, there’d have been a massive outcry.

We’d have had to play Chelsea in the semi and Manure in the final tho, so in this hypothetical world, it was probably a good thing we lost


Dirty cheating bastards. I think i have to support Real now.


They have achieved big now by reaching the final no matter what. Had a bit of luck, but unlike us they embraced the competition. Long time since we did.


One can only hope that they don’t win it.


I’m not even gonna open the Klopp vs Wenger thread if they win it. I’ll just go in and post “lol”


Their fans will now be unbearable. Alas their no longer deluded though.


Wenger will finally end the thread by winning the EL whilst Liverpool get trounced.

Arsenal vs Real Madrid super cup should be interesting


That’s all that one could reasonably post in that thread for a long time anyways.


I’ve already considered doing so twice


That’s the spirit boy! Image if it really happened :rofl:


How you make a CL final with Liverpool’s 8 behind the front 3 is beyond me, but we saw an even inferior Liverpool win it 13 years ago.


Sorry, but that Liverpool side had Alonso, Garcia, Carragher, Gerrard, Riise and Baros, all great players.