Liverpool thread


God people really do some mental gymnastics to hate on Alexis.

It’s his last big contract, he was always going to make sure he got paid, as well he should. Bayern can’t compete with the wages on offer at United or City. Think it’s pretty clear he would’ve preferred City but they were never going to pay top dollar in January given the development of Sterling and Sané so he went instead to the biggest, if not currently the best or even second or third best club in England.


Not only did they knock City out but they did it emphatically, winning both matches and 5-1 on aggregate :eyes:


Just hope they don’t win the Champions League now, as their fans would be unbearable.


I laughed when he was first rolling on the floor, I didn’t realise how bad it was. But this is awful. So close to the World Cup – and he would obviously have been in the squad. He must be so gutted.


Man that sucks for Ox. Having his best season of his career and a game away from the CL final.

Best of to him in his recovery


Man what a bummer for him. Poor lad.


At least Lord Wilshere will now definitely make the squad and definitely save us all.


Very disappointing for him. But also very typical of his career to date. Injuries always getting in the way of his development.

Hypothetically, if we went back to last summer and were given the option of extending his contract (for arguments sake let’s say it was an option) or selling, I still would have sold him.

Maybe a new Arsenal manager would have got more from him but I just think he was stagnating at Arsenal.

He’s quite an impatient player when on the ball. You always feel like he wants to run with it immediately or look for the killer pass. That sort of impulsiveness in our midfield is extremely risky (given that it we lose the ball, we are essentially going to concede a fucking shot on goal) and not particularly fitting to our slower tempo. Not that he got many chances to play in his preferred position with us…

At Liverpool under Klopp though, it’s perfect for the extremely quick transition football they play. His impulsiveness works really well knowing that Northern workhorse #1 (Milner) and Northern workhorse #2 (Henderson) are covering / offering protection.

When you also take into account his injuries and the very generous amount of money we received from Liverpool (for a player in the last year of his contract), we did good. And so did Liverpool. Rarely do you get a transfer between two “rivals” where both parties are happy.


You could tell it was a bad one with the way he fell and how much pain he was in rolling around on the floor.




Did the c’nt say anything decent about Wenger following the news on Friday? A lot of other ex players did…



Didn’t Ox get injured just before the last world cup also ? Or was that a Euro’s or something ?


He’s worked with Klopp for 17 years. This is where we discover that Buvac is the brains/tactical genius and Klopp is a complete fraud :sunglasses:



Or he could be like the McClaren to Ferguson when he was manager at Man U :grinning:

Something big must have happened for him to leave before the second leg of a CL semi final, especially after such a good performance.


Loooool scenes when this Snape motherfucker is our new manager




Such a shock! You just can’t image Klopp without him on the bench. Maybe Klopp has gone full Wenger where he does want to do everything by himself :grinning:


He’s not left