Liverpool thread


He could go to Tottenham.


TBF this is their version of Chamberlain thinking he’s too good for us. Where is he actually going to go and get more money? Back up at City, United or Bayern? If he’s on a free maybe we’ll be in for him.


What do you assume it’s money? He could go to Juventus who are on another level.


Finally a player who didn’t sign the first contract out in front of him. Total freedom to pick his destination, will probs get a decent signing on too.

Others top players should be taking note especially with transfer fees the way they are


It’s always about money


That’s Arsenal fan bullocks. There are about 6-7 clubs in Europe who are better than Liverpool and where a League title is actually obtainable. One of those might be a genuine option for him. Make sense to look at that option. He probably can make more at Liverpool than he could at Bayern or Juventus.


Reminds me of when people thought Alexis and Ozil were leaving for Bayern/Juve ‘to win things’ instead both signed the biggest contracts that was offered to them like most employees in the world.


Alexis and Ozil had silly money offers though. Can isn’t going to get those. I’m sure he’d prefer United on £400k over Juventus on £110k but he might be tempted to take £110k from Juventus over £140k from Liverpool.


Sanchez was going to City ‘to win things’. Sadly for him we couldn’t find a replacement. So he had to do with his 2nd/3rd option. I reckon Arsenal wasn’t one of those otherwise he would have extended with us.

We don’t know if Bayern or Juventus was in the market for Ozil.


He could have gone to Bayern ‘to win things’, had he not demanded heavy wages.

I used to buy into this Sanchez is ambitious narrative, not anymore tbh.


One has to ask themselves the question:

Can Emre Can play for a very big club next season?

Emre Can’t.


He can actually. Slightly inconsistent but quality player


Emre Can Not.


Wait Sanchez was going to City when they were offering him the most money. As soon as United offered more money he decided he didn’t want to goto clearly the best side in the country but wanted to play for a much poorer team that was paying him more.

Ozil was linked to Bayern and United. He could clearly have started for an elite team if he was willing to halve his wage demands but he was happy to stay at United for 350k a week.


He didn’t want to go to or we blew the move off because we couldn’t get Lemar over the line in time?


That’s the thing would he start at Bayern or Juve or United or City? Doubtful, although Juve/Bayern have older players that may get phased out so he’d get some game time

The rumour is that he wants parity with Henderson/Milner, which they aren’t offering him. If they offered him 150k he’d sign tomorrow. The thing is they have Keita coming in too alongside the players they have.


The point is he did want to goto City when City were offering the most money, ie the summer. When United offered more and when City was clearly levels above he went where the most money was.

Winning things meant nothing to him in his destination, because if he wanted to win things he’d be at City or Bayern (who said he asked for too much) and not United


The real James Milner has joined Twitter and he has a sense of humour…


This conveniently ignores the part where we didn’t have an agreement with City or Bayern but did with United.


VVD seems to have given Liverpool some defensive solidarity in Europe, 3 games 3 clean sheets.