Liverpool thread



How the fuck did no one pick up on how this might have been perceived…


Not sure many people outside of Liverpool or football fans would draw a negative connotation from that top tbh


Well if I seen that I just think it was a nice design I wouldn’t think of Liverpool or bob Marley


I don’t know the Bob Marley reference, but I have seen so many Liverpool shirts with 96 on the back, that I wouldn’t be able to help but think of that, particularly as it’s red! So yeah, for me, my first thought would be of Liverpool – and I find it incredibly surprising that no one in the process of the design to it reaching the shop floor thought, “hang on, this looks familiar”.


Places like topman put numbers on stuff all the time and reference obscure shit that nobody cares about when they buy it. I doubt all topman’s buyers are football fans either.

It’s a really horrible top though. Looks like a cheap class of 96 leavers top that some student knocked up. I doubt much thought went into it at all.


How can Liverpool say it’s deliberate? Typical deluded scousers thinking the world revolves around them.

As Craigie said no thought really goes into these tops nor are they football people. Half of the young generation probably don’t give two shits about something that happened 30 odd years ago.

Liverpool are so self entitled its actually laughable.


Read quite a few bits and pieces about this top and this is the most offensive comment I’ve seen yet.



I ain’t a bob Marley fan so wouldn’t get the reference. And when I see the number 96 I don’t automatical think hillsbourgh disaster. Same if it said 58 I wouldn’t think off the busby babes would you?


I guess Americans should get upset and cause uproar every time they need to dial for the police and be reminded of 9/11.

People enjoy/feel they have a divine right to be offended…Please fuck off.


Topman or the designer are full of shit, no way in feck was that not an attempt to mock Hillsborough. Why is the Bob Marley shirt the red of Liverpool rather than Rasta colours? Why is ‘96’ so important to the shirt? Why is it where a football number would be? Since when did Bob have a things for roses over another plant? The white rose is symbol of Yorkshire, ie where it happened. 'What goes around comes around/karma" is an obvious reference to the Heysel Disaster


I was just making a joke about you saying it’s a nice top because I think it’s hideous mate :+1:


Hahaha sorry. 10mins after I posted that it dawned on me that you might have been joking


:joy::joy::joy: Love that second last paragraph


Aww, what a guy.

Have to say, this Liverpool team is extremely likable with Klopp, Salah etc. these days.


“let me tell you now, that is brilliant from you”

I love how so unlettery (shut up) this letter is. :laughing:


Haha he nails it though.

I always think it’s great when you see a "some first team Arsenal players went to visit the kids at * Islington School * and then it’s like, Coquelin, Maitland-Niles and Jenkinson. It’s great and all, but it’s not quite as lifechanging like Bobby Pires turning up.


Liverpool fans are fuming at Can’s insinuation that Liverpool aren’t a big club

Comments include:

hope you enjoy watching us and wondering what if I wasnt greedy and egotistical

His average, clumsy, performances far outweigh his rare superb ones.

China is the only place with enough head & ego space

Cheerio then emre… leave a club that is going places…

letting a broken tractor like yourself leave, will probably make flow much easier for Keïta and Jorginho.

I massively dislike that melt.



It’s funny how fans of clubs that aren’t currently at the top love clinging on to this label.


Liverpool is a difficult one.