Liverpool thread

He is a cunt. De Vrij deserves a starting spot based on his season anyway.

It doesn’t really matter whose available and who isn’t if Frank De Boer is our coach tho.

Considering his injuries, it is expected.

If they get out of this season with CL qualification I’m sure they’ll be delighted, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for Liverpool this campaign.

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And they’ve managed it

An apparently awful season for Liverpool, where the manager may leave has them 3rd.

Arsenal finishing 8th is fine though (if I wasn’t the manager would be losing his job). #trusttheprocess


I reckon Mane played his last game, hasn’t looked happy this season

What’s this with Salah and Mane leaving?
Who will take them? Liverpool is one of the club interested in Sancho too.

I think Salah will stay, they should sell firmino and sign Haaland

Haaland, Salah and Jota as a front 3

The strong rumour was one of them leave if CL football wasn’t achieved. (It was a rumour, though, so meh)

With 10 games to it looked bleak. Fair fucks to them. We obviously helped their confidence by bending over at the Emirates though.

That undeserved win against West Brom was the reason for their top four place.

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This your goat @Aussiegooner lmaooo :joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


The man you rep said getting top 4 is like winning a trophy

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Haha Klopps a fraud.

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Yeah he did that’s the entire point of my post bruh :clap::clap::joy::joy:

Thought Kabak looked good. Surely someone will pick him up from Schakle?

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Can’t say he’s wrong finishing 3rd with Phillips and an on loan bloke from the bottom German side in the heart of the back 4 isn’t a top effort in the EPL.

Missing your top 3 CB all season was never going to be easy.