Liverpool thread


Barcelona completed an incredible 865 passes yesterday.
Liverpool couldn’t do that if they bought Gerrard and Carragher out of retirement and put them on mastermind


Imagine celebrating this


Imagine tracking it. Cringe



RIP Phil Neville :joy: :joy: :joy:


In relation to that:


Liverpool fans have done it again :arteta:

Liverpool Twitter is the sleuth of the internet’s.


I said they’d still score many goals without the star Brazilian, lol at those who thought his sale could get us top 4 :rofl:


As expected, signing a £75m centre back doesn’t stop them doing stupid things at the back against dogshit sides like West Brom haha


Yeah I suppose it’s similar to us, no matter what defenders we sign under Wenger we will still leak 45 + league goals.


Probably why it’s not the wisest thing to spunk the majority of your budget on defenders.


Basically like us not factoring any midfield cover exposes your defence to more pressure. Bad coaching really.


I did find it amusing that when they needed a goal and some creative flair in the middle of the park Klopp decided to bring on Henderson and Milner.

I know their bench wasn’t exactly flowing with talent, but still. A cardboard cutout of Jordan Henderson is better than Jordan Henderson!


I found the triple substitution of Henderson, Boring James Milner and Danny Ings pretty hilarious, wont lie


Why do u suppose we had one of the stingiest defenses in the league a couple years back when we finished second?


Pretty sure that was down to Steve Bould coming in as the new assistant manager and taking charge of defensive training duties until Wenger shut him down.

Although that said, that was also the super embarrassing season where we lost 5-1 to Liverpool, 6-0 to Chelsea, and 6-3 to Man City. So don’t really know how good our defence was that season.


I was referring to the 15/16 season. Didn’t look it up but from memory we conceded about 38 goals.


Ohhhh right the season where we should have won the league, gotcha.

I was talking about the season where we were top of the league for 128 days and Kos/Mert were beasting it in defence.


38 goals still isn’t that stingy and that was an Anomoly of a season, the worst standard one at the top I can remember in my 20 years of following the premier League. 38 isn’t bad but it’s not stingy compared to the likes of what Allegri’s Juve and Simeone’s Atleti produce.


For a team managed by an attacking manager it’s fine because even Wenger admits that we will be open from time to time because the emphasis is on attacking play. Per was in his prime and Kosh was world class at this point. A couple very good or wc cbs can lead a stingy defense even if they aren’t the most well drilled at the back was my point.