Liverpool thread


The Mansoors go beyond that with their slavery, rape and ofcourse their video’ed torture and murder. Abrahimovic’s crimes pale in comparison.

Fans up and down the country should chant about Mansoor every time City play. Humiliate them like the absolute scum of the earth that they are.


Agree one of the biggest travestys in English football this. Also think it taints Pep myself as hes not a uneducated man in these matters.


And yet ppl want Usmanov to take over and spend his blood money to win us some trophies. Sure it might not be on video but when the Soviet Union fell I’m sure those who took advantage have blood on their hands.


I hope you’ve got a good lawyer making those kinds of allegations about Usmanov… :flushed:


He won’t need a lawyer.
A bodyguard would be more suitable.


This is murica not Russia.


yeah, no fat Soviet guy will want to mess with Chuck Norris!


Lmao if he’s seen the movies, he knows that would be a very bad idea.



This is part of the reason I’ve always been against context based usernames and in terms of football, player based usernames take it to the next level.


I hear Mahrez isn’t going to Lolpool after all.


Wait, so you didn’t pick your name based on Craig “Craigie” Eastmond?


No player stay forever in a club, so just enjoy him while he is with you.


Personally don’t think they should. I mean how fucking thick have you got to be to buy a shirt with his name on this season? Anyone with a single brain cell knew he’d be off to Barcelona. Saw a number of people had bought one for their child for Christmas. Idiots.


You shouldn’t put a player’s name on the shirt anyway :smile:. It’s about the club.


Id personally keep the shirt as memorabilia. Would do the same if I had an Ozil shirt. Dont always get players of that calibre at your club.


The small details in that Liverpool link are great. Only get a refund if you bought it through the official store and it’s a £50 voucher than can only be spent on their website and it runs out 31st may, just nefore the new shirt gets released :joy:

Clubs should just stop pretending they give a shit


They have probably sold as many Virgil shirts already, as they did Courtinho shirts this season.

It’s just PR from Liverpool, and like you say, they couldn’t care less about supporters as long as the money keeps rolling in.
Just like every other PL club.


I don’t see the problem with any of that to be honest. Anyone who bought a Coutinho shirt this season when everyone knew he’d be going to Barcelona is an idiot, they don’t deserve anything from the club because they made a foolish choice imo lol. Liverpool are going above and beyond as it is


Don’t get me wrong I agree, they don’t have to do anything. Just interesting to see the detail behind the headline haha