Liverpool thread

Can you imagine if this was the rule and someone injured Jack Wilshere? They might as well retire! :ozil:

I do agree that Pickford should have been punished, but honestly, the way Liverpool are going on you’d think they were the only team to be on the end of a wrong decision or bad challenge.


Not sure Pickford being taken out of the Everton side punishes them tbh.

Richarlison challenge was worse as it was pure intent. Pickford was just clumsy.

Any ban connected with the severity of the injury is inherently problematic because it would need to be based on the prognosis of the player. A player with an ACL injury might be out for 9 months or 15 months. It depends on their rehabilitation and loads of other stuff. It’s impossible to base a ban on something so uncertain.

If we’re going down that route, dangerous tackles need to be reviewed post-game by a panel and hand out bans based on the dangerousness of the tackle and taking into account the seriousness of the injury.

I’d be absolutely all for players getting 10 game bans. Would stamp out the sly and vindictiveness fouls that happen from time to time.

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If its was Stoke they would run out of players half way through the season.

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Good point.

It is also totally unfair because the nature of the tackle does not necessarily dictate the severity of the injury. A far more innocent and innocuous foul can sometimes happen to cause a major injury, whereas someone could be far more forceful/violent/reckless in making a challenge that might not result in any injury at all.

For me punishment has to be based on the incident itself and not the outcome of the incident.


You would think he died lol. He isn’t the only player to have had a serious injury ffs


It was though. It always comes up for a day or two.

We had injuries like this every few games, when Wenger was manager.
When Liverpool are down to no FB’s and having to play CB’s in their position, then they can start to consider themselves hard done by.

Wenger never really complained about injuries and the media didn’t care either so I don’t see the fascination with this VVD injury.
Perhaps it highlights how lucky they’ve been with injuries, in recent seasons, to key players.


He never stopped complaining. Rightly but come on. In fact he fell back on it a little too much in the end.

Classic Klopp :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Cant feel any sympathy. We have been in this exact situation plenty of times without getting any love.


It depends on what he’s in for.
I would imagine not many wives would wait for their husbands if they were axe wielding maniacs.


This is outstanding from the cult of Liverpool. VVD is such a beloved saint of the pundit class that he’s made them decide that England’s undisputed #1 is indeed that sort of player :ozil:

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Well he use too be a saint.


Can he make a better analogy?
How about husband is serving the army, or work overseas?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah the carry on about the injury is a bit much, Pickford should have been red carded on the day though.

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You’re wasted on here mate.

I have been tbh at times.


Wednesday now and the media still going on about poor VvD

You’d genuinely think this was the only injury in the history of the sport.

They’re a fucking cult. Like when Suarez racially abused Evra and they wore t shirts to support him.

They’re a weird weird set of fans. They truly are.