Liverpool thread


Knew when I seen 44 new posts none would be about Liverpool… :joy: Another boring debate about fucking Wenger haha.


You’re making the assumption the cash reserves can be touched and assuming that they aren’t leveraged either against our debt or against Kroenkes other loans.

Also is it not painfully obvious that Gazidis has constantly lied for the last decade with his ‘The Adebeyor money is waiting to spent’ and the yearly Warchest bullshit for about a decade.

Also were Mustafi and Perez StatDNA signings or Wenger signings?

Welbeck was an unspectacular but astute buy. Lacazette/Kola look decent buys.


I made no claims about why you made your post, and I didnt say that you were the person who initially derailed the thread. I dont really care that its gone off topic and none of the other staff seem to either.

I’m just saying that it’s an absolute joke for you to accuse me of derailing the thread as that was already happening.

You’re too dense to argue with, I’m done.


Or it’s pretty much all available (it is) and Gazidis isn’t lying but Wenger just won’t spend it and the board isn’t forcing him to.


To bring this back to the Scouse Dogs: I hate them with more passion than all the other clubs and countries in the world…and then some.


It was me suggesting that this thread had gone off topic, This is the Liverpool thread right?

My original post was reiterating my position in response to the post just randomly calling me out

The part of my post you decided to take issue with was the part I was talking about in my other post above saying my general point was that their is still plenty to enjoy if your not miarible

You went on to agree that beating spurs is something to enjoy just that you didn’t agree with the word embarresed

All this in the liverpool thread…


If you care so much that’s it’s the Liverpool thread why don’t you shut up and stop posting?



Right you believe Wenger is purposely handicapping himself and I believe it’s the board. We’re going round in circles but if the Adebeyor money was available, why in 2012:

“Will you be making a bid for Eden Hazard”

"I have to make a 15m-20m yearly profit to pay the stadium repayments’

Is that a lie or is the Adebeyor money in fact not actually available?

Source: - I couldn’t find the exact quote but this mentions it.


Yes. I can’t imagine why he does it but he does.




Not so much handicapping (well i guess it is) but it is all ego, it is ‘look what i have achieved with a group of riffraff players on the cheap what a miracle worker i am’ apart from he never achieves what he plans in his warped mind.


oh i thought he was meaning well it depends on what we can afford as regards his contract sorta thing.


Seriously? There are more assumptions needed to defend AW than not now. As for statdna? Lmao it doesn’t work that way. It is one tool among many that someone uses to make the final calls. And we all know who that is… AW dithers and has lost his mojo in transfers frankly… so many now proven commodities that were obtainable and we failed… look no further than Liverpool for at least 2 examples.

The reason AW is still there imho is simply that an owner who isn’t a meddler made the wrong call on sticking one contract too many on our greatest ever manager. It isn’t really that complicated.


Bad news Liverpool! :joy:


Lol yeah projection much :):facepalm:

With every topic be it players, contracts, rumours generally anything the wenger out brigade are full of assumptions, false narratives and arguments based on how they feel or see things.

You don’t have to be an AKB just going against their argument is enough to get a negative reaction.


Because there is no reasonable argument even any more. People are literally talking about leverage of AFC reserves in some conspiratorial way about how AW can’t spend? It is so rife with nonsense I don’t even no where to start.


I think watching every season and transfer window being so predictable, as well as watching us in the Europa League while all our rivals get to the knock out round of the CL, is not based on assumption but fact.

It seems you might be the one who is making arguments based on how they feel or see things, rather than what is actually happening.


In last few years very few english teams made it past the last 16. Besides Man U winning Europa and Liverpool making the semis last year I think doesn’t change English teams have been under performing in Europe period.

Transfers is not only about point and click; there is more to it than that so that just assumption that Arsène and arsenal are doing something shit, maybe or maybe not who knows we aren’t in the back room.


To be fair he could have meant that, there’s little I’d put past him these days, just saying that we can’t assume that. Given we’ve not long ago offered Chamberlain 180k it would be demonstrable bullshit to say we can’t afford to pay Wilshere what he wants (I think it is safe to assume Wilshere won’t be demanding that, let alone more)

I think it’s more likely that we are negotiating him down because we aren’t willing to pay what he is initially asking for, which Wilshere would probably expect us to do as that’s how negotiating tends to work.

Which I think is entirely sensible seeing as Wilshere has a lengthy record of being injured, not to mention that he isn’t a complete midfielder or world class.


But after so many seasons of absolute failure in the transfer market, a club the size of Arsenal should have sorted out what is going wrong.

Why are we so inept when it comes to buying elite players?
We don’t seem to have any trouble selling them, and clubs like Liverpool, who are supposedly not as big as us, are accumulating several world class players while we are selling them.