Liverpool thread

Can be a bit farcical these though. Funny enough when we won in 98 we went to Anfield and rested most of the team for the cup final on the Saturday.
Ended up applauding the second team on the pitch.


When did we start doing guards of honour, I don’t remember this always being a thing?

I feel like they’re kind of a load of bollocks anyway, doesn’t seem at all necessary to make such a big show of it. You’re already champions you don’t need the team you’re facing to metaphorically fellate you pre match.


These f’ckin dirty Scousers did a guard of honour for us in 1998.

Drink it in, babyyyyy

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Ok Danny


Danny Murphy is such a petty, miserable prick that I reckon he said that truthfully

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Has anyone seen pictures of Murphy’s playing time? He looks more like a middle aged Sunday league full kit wanker than a player.

He’s also scored the winning goal at Old Trafford for the away side 3 times.

Not many players can say that.

(He also has a fit wife)



That’s 2 losses for a team that was being compared to Arsenal 04. This is a wonderful Liverpool team but the ruthless mentality / leadership quality of the Invincibles was something else.

When you’ve won the league, it’s so hard to maintain focus.

The magnitude of our unbeaten season continues to grow.


I think now the thing that Liverpool should remained focused for Is 5 wins from their last 6 to break the points record.

It’s a miracle they have this many points they haven’t even really been that good this season. Last season I feel they were a far more ruthless team.

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Well I agree they have overachieved regarding points, as I’ve discussed their GD in another thread which indicates a lot of narrow wins.

Now have more losses than the great 1991 Arsenal team @Stroller :wenger2:


Stupid comment…
The best team won, who fucking cares if you have the best so-and-so on the team?
Messi and Ronaldo can’t win all, that already proves.
This sums it all in 2014… “Argentina has Messi, Portugal has Ronaldo, Brazil has Neymar, Germany has a TEAM”
Fuck off, dump @$$

I think Danny Murphy is still throwing darts at a picture of Xhaka he has on his bedroom wall.

Sourpuss c’nt

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah the revelation that was Anders Limpar.

Meh this lolpool side is nothing special.

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There you go
This season’s PL has been weak and certainly very interrupted and the piss stained shell suited ones have been thumped !
A very shallow club sponsored by Argos .
So if you are looking for a single bed duvet with a club crest , Liverpool are your team .

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