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Should we wait until the end of the season before assessing that? Especially given if we win tonight we’re level with Spurs having one less big 6 team to play.


Of course, but going on the data atm, we are in 6th, just barely above Burnley. Thankfully only City really have their act together. And looking ahead, I’d be more optimistic about Spurs and Pool futures, even knowing both are going to lose at least one star each - at least for them big money is coming.


I said we embarrassed spurs and that’s something to enjoy, you disagree we embarresed them but still agree it’s something that should be enjoyed

In future to avoid threads going off topic and being bogged down like this maybe don’t nitpicking at the use of a single word if you agree with the genral point being made as you now seem to


We also legitimately got embarrassed by Pool, et al. Who cares? We are damn irrelevant anyway, hoping to scrape back into top 4 while potentially losing our 2 best players.


Sorry to interrupt the Wenger chat. But this is quite an interesting and important interview. Can’t believe how prevalent racism in football still is. And that little is being done to stop it. Brewster talks about numerous incidents - just in the last year!

“I didn’t even want to put in a complaint. ‘Nothing’s going to happen,’ that was my attitude. I was walking down the tunnel after the match and I was just swearing – ‘Fuck the system, it’s not going to do anything’

“On the day it happens, that night my head won’t be there. I just want to be left alone. I want to be by myself and left to think. The next day I’ll still be thinking about it.”


It’s not though. They backed him up to and including offering Alex ox 180k a fucking week!!!


It still boggles my mind that people think the board are to blame for Wengers spending policy.


What concerns me is that Wenger is coming out as regards Wilshere saying his contract now depends on money. what in the FUCK are you doing man. Dont tell me we cannot afford a shitty new contract for wilshere when last year we took in more than £400m we have 200m in the bank and for years and years we have been making profit after profit and we are not renewing contracts we should be renewing. What the fuck is this man playing at?!


The board are clueless that’s their fault in all this. Gazidis is trying to remedy our recruitment policy, I’ll still back Wenger to win us the league if we upgraded at striker and everything cm with top notch talent. We’ve just been at a disadvantage in the talent department for far too long. Now we are spending money but on mediocre players like Xhaka and Lacazette. Not spending money was more palatable prior because we’d spend 10m and get a 20m player out of it, now we spend 50m and get a 10m player. Wenger will never win anything with the style he wants to play, but zero technical ability in the team…it really is madness, that’s 100% Wenger’s fault.


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Wenger would be winning the league with that City team, going away.


Allegedly, Also "there was no more money for major signings.” - Ornstein

I would of preferred if they’d backed him in signing up some his transfer targets of Suarez, Mbappe, Lemar, Mata, Alonso, Hazard etc


It’s actually hilarious how much you’ve trotted out that fucking Ornstein quote. I couldn’t give a fuck what he said there clearly was money there. We bid 90m on Lemar ffs. The 40m plus a pound is the most Wenger thing that’s ever happened so it’s hilarious to say the board should have backed him there. The main thing the board are at fault for is allowing him so much control.


Which is 15m net after we sell Alexis and an overall zero net spend. Since Kroenke has come on the board we’ve started stockpiling cash reserves and had little to no net spend.

If the board was backing Wenger they would push through all of his transfer targets, which used to happen with Dein and happens at United, City and Liverpool. It doesn’t happen at Arsenal.


Because Wenger controls how much gets bid etc. Interesting to see how that might change with his errand runner Dick Law gone.


It makes no sense to leave cash “in reserves” other than what you need responsibly to run the club, make tactical investments, react to massive injuries, etc… we have way more than that…

If Kroenke was just greedy, he has other means to make use of that money more intelligently, LIKE NOT HAVING IT SIT IN RESERVES…

Really - the lengths people go to not blame AW… yes, clearly he doesn’t have same spending as City, but come on people, all evidence points to us consistently having substantial “dry powder.” Wenger also loves to bang on about all the stars “he almost signed” - well stop ALMOST SIGNING THEM YOU F*CK…

Stop signing crap like Xhaka and mediocre talents like Mustafi and Chambers and Welbeck and get some F*ing talent in… he pounced smartly on Ozil and Sanchez in unusual circumstances, but what was really the last “big hit” he has signed other than those?


That’s an assumption on your part


Bullshit. Your general point was that you want Wenger to stay and that in the grand scheme there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had. I dont agree with that. Your general point was not that beating Spurs is something to be enjoyed, so don’t try and now act like it was because I’m capable of reading what you’ve written.

You tried to say we embarrassed Spurs to justify your position, so by highlighting that we didn’t I was specifically refuting part of your argument, so don’t try and call it nitpicking because I pointed out that what you said is untrue. Beating a rival 2-0 isn’t embarrassing them, it’s the kind of run of the mill result that happens every season, which is not to say that it isn’t enjoyable.

And don’t bloody try to say I’m taking a thread off topic when you’re in the Liverpool thread talking about how you want Wenger to stay. Ridiculous to put it on me when I’m only adding my two cents amongst many others not talking about Liverpool


It was actually a mod randomly having a pop at me and a4tt that I replied to if you want to go back and read


He didn’t say that though. He said it depends on the financials, which can just as easily mean that there is a gap between what Wilshere wants and what we are willing to pay. If you’ve read that instead as being what we are able to pay, rather than what we are willing to pay, then thats your reading of it, not what he has actually said.