Liverpool thread


I hate to break it to you but it’s not up to me to sack the manager, my opinion that I’d rather he stayed isn’t selfish because it’s not denying anyone anything is it?


A message there from the A.B.C. or the Arsenal Broadcasting Company.

How do you think he is going to win the PL again after watching all of our rivals buy top quality, to play alongside the top quality players they already have, while all we do is just sell our best players?

It shows that even your standards must have dropped of you are pleased to beat spurs at home and think that’s an embarrassing result for them.
Although I tell you what is embarrassing.
Being below them in the league, and possibly finishing below them two seasons in a row.


Yeah, like it’s gonna happen by keep on not spending money.


Liverpool journo saying Klopp is going all in for Goretzka, Malinkovic-Savic and Lemar in the summer.

We’ll be left having to ask Flamini to come out of retirement haha


Changing the manager won’t change the boards spending policy, which is something many of the ignorant Wenger Out crowd blame on him.

What’s happened with VDV is Liverpool’s board got Klopps targets and went all out for them. This never happens with Wenger’s targets, our negotiators try and do a cheap deal and move onto the next target, which is usually an inferior player.


It’s 100% him. Board has done nothing but back his decisions.


Yes, because as an Arsenal fan I’m well aware of what an embarrassing result feels like after being spanked on many different occasions by our rivals.


We didn’t just beat them we dominated them when they came into the game as favorites and supposedly going to give city a run for the title

If we had lost that game the reaction would have been as if it wasn’t the most embarrassing thing to ever happen, We won it convincingly and it means nothing apparently


No they didn’t. Maybe amongst Arsenal fans - we’re a negative bunch.

But we were the favourites with the bookies, and with various others.


The problem is, we are the older brother in the equation right now, watching our little sh*t brat younger brother start to beat us…

And in the end, ManU and Fergie taught us all that matters is points/38. ATM we are losing that race to both our little rat faced siblings.


Your honestly telling me you remember what odds the book makers were giving for that game?

Basically every pundit out their had spurs down as challenging for the title and for us to be doomed this year so I can’t see many of them having us as favourites, I’m interested in who you mean by others


We should be beating spurs when we’re at home but we shouldn’t be behind them in the league.


From what I recall, there were mixed pundits at the start, some predicting us to get forth… in the end though, who the f cares? We all know the vectors associated with the two teams and it ain’t pretty.


Yep. Because I remember looking at the time.

In fact, just checked again. You can still find articles reporting the odds

Arsenal are a best-priced 7/5 with Spurs just better than 2/1


Big chance we were favorites because it was a home game. Odds were close enough for it to not mean much otherwise.


Goretzka and Savic should be our main targets for the midfield FFS!


Doesn’t matter. Kaner said Spurs went into the game as favourites. That is incorrect. As is his claim that we embarrassed Spurs.

Man United embarrassed us when they beat us 8-2. Chelsea embarrassed us when they won 6-0. Southampton embarrassed us when they beat us 4-0. Beating a team 2-0 at home, in a match that we were just favourites in, or if you prefer, a match that was evenly poised, is not an embarrassment.


Eh, all I’m saying is that bookmaker’s odds don’t really mean much if it’s this close. It’s the bookies coin flip. As for who was really favorite, hard to call.

I agree with the second part.


Who exactly said that? I must have missed all those gooners who think that beating Spurs means nothing. I seem to remember people being really happy, must have imagined that.


Absolute horseshit