Liverpool thread


Mo Salah has really impressed me this season, kind of looking like Suarez tbh (at Liverpool) I definitely got it wrong about what I said about him in the summer when they signed him, and only judging him from his limited time at Chelsea






Both signings Liverpool are adding next year would have been absolutely brilliant additions for us.


Yup. They’ve done a good job identifying the best possible players that are still signable for them (ie, bigger clubs not interested or not moving fast enough) and then aggressively pursuing those players. And they’ve had the funds to do so partly because they sold their wantaway stars like Suarez and Sterling (and probably soon Coutinho) rather than letting them go for free.


Better get used to 6th place lads. :cry:

We are the worst of the big 6 with the worst transfer approach and worst manager.

Nothing changing til Wenger leaves


It’s rather frustrating for some of us that saw this inevitable situation unfolding if we stuck with this washed up has been manager for years too long, but I suppose with limited excitement and expectation comes little disappointment.


People like A4TT and Kaner will still tell you that Wenger isn’t the problem though lol


What’s frustrating is that Liverpool to me appear to be a club that’s very close to ours in terms of ownership and business model. They’re certainly the only other biggish club that springs to mind when you hear terms like “run like a business”. We could make moves like these and survive, we just don’t want to.


What’s funny about ATT is he thinks none of Wenger or Stan are the problem, so I’m not actually sure who he holds responsible for our dire state.


The difference has been Klopp, simple.

The same applies to Arsenal, you get rid of Wenger and hire someone with a clear footballing philosophy and the drive to implement it the culture and practices of the club changes overnight for the better


You’ve got to remember that most Wenger supporters don’t think we’re in any sort of trouble and things are just fine as they are.


seeing deficiencies, and aiming to RECTIFY them?

what sorcery is this?


Mane and Salah too :grimacing: Beating us to everything and petrol can’t be an excuse with Liverpool.


What has liverpool signing a CB for £75m got to do with Wenger?

Ive said it a few times here but for the record I want Wenger to win the league again before he leaves

The only way that’s 100% Impossible is once he’s gone so I don’t want him gone it’s that simple

Wether it’s in 2/4/6 years time he will be replaced eventually,

I’ve seen more success from my club than most football fans will see in their life time, I’m never going to demand that the man that brought me that success should be sacked sorry that bothers you so much

We’ve won 3 trophy’s and embarrassed spurs pretty recently too, plenty of enjoyment to be had if your not a Misrible cunt



Such a selfish view wanting Wenger to remain on the off chance he wins the league again instead of trying to keep up with the 5 clubs pulling away from us. All he’s doing now is intrenching us at the 6th best team in the league.

The only embarrassing thing between us and Tottenham is them overtaking us in the last 12-18 months on half the wage bill.


Beating your rival 2-0 at home is not embarrassing them, get a grip


If we’d lost 2-0 would you be saying the same thing?