Liverpool thread


Tbf to Rodgers here, Suarez had not come close to them levels in previous seasons with Charlie Adam and Andy Carrol in the side. It took the building of the side with signings of Coutinhio and Sturridge and introduction of Sterling to help that talent flourish imo.


I get what you mean but in fairness they came close enough, I mean we had perhaps the best striker in the world in RVP and barely scraped top four so it’s hard to be overly critically of what Rodger’s done.

Looking back he had them playing some alright stuff and I’d certainly consider that season a genuine title challenge unlike Spurs recently or us in the last fuck knows how many years we’ve been up around the top 3.

Though when you have one of the best players in the league/world under your management it’s certainly subjective whether you consider anything but absolute victory a success.


I do think that Suarez was significantly better than van Persie though.

But yeah I think there are a lot of fair points in what you say, I didn’t really mean to disparage Rodgers particularly. But I guess when you ascribe more credit to a single player than the manager for any sort of team achievement then you are disparaging that manager somewhat.


What I was really saying was that Rodgers didn’t exactly do that great at Liverpool but better then what Klopp has done in these 2 years, so Klopp should really get looked at by the board, even with the challenging for the title with Suarez in the side people used to laugh at Rodgers time at Liverpool and nobody is doing the same for Klopp


I’m not sure about that tbh. Rvp did lead United to a league title but then again it’s beginning to look like Fergie was the last truly competent manager in the English PL.

I guess this sort of discussion kind of emphasizes what Ranieri did with Leicester but then again you could attribute that to Vardy/Mahrez having the seasons of their lives. Furthermore you could argue that winning the league comes down to having two or more consistent form players more-so than managerial insight.


Mane is a HUGE loss… when he is not on the field, Liverpool lose an important and deadly dimension to their play. He’s missed quite a bit of playing time this season.
Coutinho is good, but the threat of Mane running at your defenders non stop all game, pushing the line back… creates a lot of havoc in the defense. Liverpool is a very different team when he is not on the field.


Just like Tottenham’s, Liverpool’s title run was basically build on a win streak between February and April. Doesn’t seem right to call one of those runs as a genuine title challenge and the other not.

Chelsea was more dominant than City that season. I guess that gives the perception of the title challenge being different/more genuine.


Liverpool were top with 3 games to go and the title in their hands.


Yeh it literally looked like Liverpool were going to win their first EPL before the absolute hilarity from Gerrard. Genuinely one of my favorite EPL moments ever.

Pool were far from simply putting the pressure on, they had one hand on the trophy before Gerrard decided to piss it all away.


It slipped through his fingers…:sunglasses:

I hope he has constant nightmares about that moment.


Not to mention Sterling and Sturrigde who were both on fire back then as well. Their front three was electric at times


Tbf Liverpool wouldn’t have been near the title either if one team had a league campaign like Chelsea had last season.


That season was something.
At one point I was backing Liverpool because hey a proper club against an oil club i.e City.
But then their fans got cocky so it became enjoyable to see them fall hard.


Spurs and Liverpool both had similar seasons imo in different circumstances. I guess that could give one more legitimacy than the other depending on how you look at it.




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