Liverpool thread


This is obviously it. Pathetic really but he does seem the type that is desperate to be loved.

And of course the Sun is scum but so are most papers, if you spend enough time looking through the history of any large media outlet you’re going to find some damning stuff.


It’s Lovren’s fault for being so shit for Liverpool, really. His wife never would’ve done that if he were living up to his potential.


The sun should be banished. I’d applaud him even if he refused to answer questions and there was no story coming out. Absolute scum that newspaper.


If you look at the reaction of loads of people who “seem” to think it’s on Hillsborough.

If you knew anything about football journalism, you’d realise it’s a dick move and slightly unprofessional. It’s a press conference you can’t refuse to answer questions in relation to the match that just happened from a certain paper just because you don’t like their other sensational stories that may come out.

Building on what @Castiel said, Klopp might as why not answer any questions from other tabloids if he doesn’t like their regular output sensational stories.

Why single out the Sun? It doesn’t matter if you hate their paper, they have a right to sensational stories report to their readership and that right should not interfere with asking their questions at press conferences.


Strange that they beat Barca 4-0 yesterday and Mainz are now trouncing the same team. Extremely inconsistent like last season, destroy a team then get killed the next match!


WTF!? Why do they play another friendly shortly after Barca’s?


They’ve a right to report whatever they want and ask whatever questions they want but Jurgen or any other manager isnt under any obligation to answer any of them.

Its also quite clear why hes singled out the sun, they’re the ones running the story about one of his players.


Lol, total reversal of yesterday’s game now they are being beaten 4-0 now by MAINZ…after trouncing Barca, and I thought we were inconsistent as fuck! The game yesterday everyone was saying that Liverpool will be full of confidence and destroy all in their wake, they are struggling against Mainz. Just goes to show you how unpredictable things can be.


Yes he is under an obligation to answer questions in a press conference especially when that question is concerned with the match that just happened and team news. By the looks of things he didn’t even brief the LFC press officer about the situation beforehand.

If most managers had their way they wouldn’t interact with press at all. Pre and post match conferences as well as other media interviews are done under an obligation. Journos need comments from managers to write stories with hence the obligation

So what if they’re running a story on one of his players? That’s what papers do. Like I said, the Sun journo should be able to ask his own questions at press conferences for the angle on his story regardless of any other sensational stories the paper runs. If someone asks a question about football related matters that perfectly valid, questions about your players personal life you can easily defer. There was no need whatsoever you refuse to answer all Sun questions.

You might aswell not talk to any tabloid if you’re upset about stories about your players.


I think they are obligated to show up not answer questions.


No he isn’t though. Fergie used the same tactic of excluding papers/reporters he had an issue with. He got better media coverage as a result. The media relationship is just that, 2 way. You highlight the fact The Sun reporter may not be able to get the answers he wants to write his story, that’s the whole point. It would of been more effective if he barred said paper representatives though.


The pressers after a game should be on just that topic. Sure, reporters will try to bring in the juicier angles, but if a manager just keeps the focus on the game he’s absolutely within his rights. Tthat’s just the ‘nature of the beast’ or the ‘tension’ of these things. Both sides of the mic are well aware of that fact.


Hardly Klopp’s fault, is it?

Oh, wow, I’m so glad we’ve got someone with real insight, someone competent on these boards to shed light on the mysteries of the complex subject of football journalism. Did you write a masters thesis, or maybe a book about it? I think we would all like to read it to educate ourselfs, so that we might one day be as knowledgeable about it as you are.

Well, if he’s done something illegal, we should see Liverpool fined by …someone then. It’s a press conference for a pre season friendly. Since you’re obviously the expert here, why don’t you enlighten us about when that fee will be announced by whom and how much it will be?

Klopp made it quite clear. Because of something they were about to publish, which turned out to be something about Lovren’s sex life.

I’m really glad that society as a whole can count on fearless crusaders like you to fight for the right of tabloids to publish sensationalist shit. Imagine a world in which we weren’t told about footballer’s wife’s affairs in speculative detail and with saucy pics.


I never said it was Klopp’s fault, it was an observation about the situation and how it’s been perceived by some. I suspect that he got wind of the Sun story and made a said he wasn’t got to answer questions from their Journos to gain likeability and points with football hipsters.

Nice pissy response here btw, you genuinely sound hurt.

What does the internal workings of Liverpool and fines got to with anything we’re talking about here? Whose said he’s done anything illegal? It’s just poor form from Klopp not to answer questions in relation to match and team news. I’m sure if he had informed his press offer beforehand he was have been advised differently about how to handle the situation.

Where did I say I was an expert btw?

So this is the first sensational story about LFC player from a tabloid? Other papers have reported on the same story will their journo’s be banned from asking question in the future?

If you’re not going to answer press question from papers because of other non related sensational stories you might aswell not talk to any paper as all of them have a history of sensationalism.

More sarky butthurt talk because some offered a different point of view, nice.

The sun have the right to publish whatever they like just because you don’t like doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. There’s an obvious market for the Sun and their stories. They can publish whatever they like as long as it conforms to the regulators guidelines


He’s not though. What set of rules or organisation obliges him to answer questions from a particular outlet or journalist?


It’s an informal obligation to answer questions with reasonable insight and build relationship with the press. Reporters need content for their articles after all. It’s required formally or informally by most clubs at the top level.


Maybe they could report on the match rather than what was or wasn’t said at the press conference? :slight_smile:


Maybe, but a match report without quotes from the manager about the match and team news with the new season only one week away is much of a match report


If you say so. I really dont read many match reports but personally I couldnt care less about banal quotes about the game from the managers.


Not sure if Lovren’s private and family life should really be of interest to a tabloid and the public, even more so when a solid part seems to be speculation.