Liverpool thread


Worse than us :wenger:


I think the honeymoon with Klopp is officially over. Being cool and hipster won’t get him a pass anymore.


Seems like they have taken big step back instead of evolving and moving forward… I think we can stay above them so it looks like we need help from one of ManU, Spurs, or Chelsea to capitulate and help us to 4th… I’d put my money on Chelsea as the likeliest but I still think we are a long way off competing for 4th right now, let alone for the title.


This is all brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


There is no real reason why the wheels can’t come off the Spurs’ challenge for top 4. I dont even think thats a given. They’ve been fortunate with injuries, they have a heck of a lot of games to contend with and the Wembley factor…(I’m still not convinced they’ve bedded in in spite of today’s result. Game raising for Liverpool is different to geeing yourself up for Huddesfield at home on a Saturday at 3pm who are just happy to want to play at the national stadium)

The deciding factor here will be the north london derby in a couple of weeks. I hope we derail them. I recall them rejoicing in something similar in april 2010 when they all but ended our title challenge at WHL in spite of a valiant effort from us over 90 mins.

It will make us seem small time to laud up a victory over them, but we’re due.



I don’t get this continuous need for visible progress towards perfection. If everyone progressed every year, everyone would win the title with 99 points.

Arsenal spent a good few years as an over 70, under 80 points club so from there you’d expect some progress (even briefly), but Liverpool are still a club far enough down the pecking order that finishing in the CL places should still be the goal. If they can do that two or three years in a row, that’s all the progress you need for now.

I think this kind of attitude really hurts clubs. For example with these stats, all it says to me is why bother sacking Rodgers? Because he didn’t improve on Liverpool’s best season in years with no attackers? Why on earth would people expect Klopp to suddenly make Liverpool better than they were under Rodgers (who didn’t appear to do a great deal wrong to me on the football side until the end he started to look like a plonker) when he wants a defender and one isn’t brought in?

Spurs will likely go “backwards” under Pochettino this season, Chelsea went backwards under Mourinho in year two and now they could be doing the same with Conte. Leicester was obviously going to happen. Every coach can’t always be better than they were last season.

I don’t think it’s as black and white as the coach fucks up and that’s that. Wenger got 70 points in 01, 87 points in 02, 78 points in 03, 90 points in 04. If he was Chelsea manager in the modern day people would be saying he should be sacked in 01 or 03 for losing the dressing room. Sometimes clubs go through these blips and it’s not always because the coach has run out ideas.

Sack Klopp, get a manager that can defend. In 2 years get pissed off because they can’t attack. Sack that guy, get a coach who can play football. Repeat cycle forever.


I agree with all this except,

I think under Pochettino they have the best manager but only three top quality players, although he has organised them into a team of winners and every player knows what to do, and is played to their strengths.

Considering he has only been there just over two seasons, and with a limited budget, he has proved he is one of the best young managers in Europe.

I’ll be more than happy for him and Kane to go to one of Europes elite clubs after this season, and we can get back to looking down on them, in the PL, rather than the other way round.


We really shouldn’t have lost to any of the three we have done.


You’re right, especially Stoke.
Liverpool are inconsistent but they do have the quality to beat teams and play well occasionally.
We haven’t beaten a team in the top half yet either.


Yeah. As a standalone game I’m not too fussed about Liverpool away, though the manner of that match left much to be desired…

Watford are good under Silva but we should really have 6 more points on the board. V. frustrating!


To be fair to Liverpool they are only three points behind us in ninth place and they have played every team in the top eight apart from Chelsea.

We have only played two in the top eight, Watford and Chelsea.
The only teams we have beaten have been in the bottom half of the PL.


I agree with what you are saying but people are criticizing Kloop for Liverpool’s obvious weakness.
Their defence has always been a suspect however Lovren is still a starting center back for them, Mignolet & Moreno should have been squad players by now.

I believe it’s a fair criticism, not sack worthy of course.


How the heck did we lose so badly to this lot?


They were playing in top gear, make no mistake when Liverpool are good they’re bloody good, well, in terms of forward play anyway. However, when a team can really get at that shitty back four they are God awful.

Against us particularly with Wenger in the dugout it’s far easier for them to blow us away then it is to go against Spurs who are a incredibly well balanced team that can not only go forward like Liverpool but are great defensively too.

Poch definitely showed Jose up this weekend.


I think it probably has to do with the fact he said he’s gonna deliver the title in four years, and after two years, people probably want this to look remotely possible.




with all these premiership managers getting sacked lately and others looking like they will do as well (Bilic) then Klopp really needs looking at too, he’s been there for 2 years and they haven’t exactly progressed despite spending lots of money, Brendan Rodgers actually challenged for the league


Not to criticise Rodgers, or obliquely defend Klopp, I do think that was mostly due to having Suarez in the side.

I’d give the largest portion of credit to Suarez for that title challenge. Put Suarez (the one of that season) in any of last season’s top six and they’re challenging for the league this year imo.