Liverpool thread


Coutinho still has plenty of time left on his contract so Liverpool could keep him for this season and get even more for him in the next transfer window and get a world class replacement.
Unlike Sanchez or Ozil, who we could lose for nothing and would not be able to afford to replace either of them.


Barcelona are appearing a bit desperate now. Every man and his dog know they need to replace Neymar asap otherwise La Liga is already decided this season.


can’t see Liverpool ever getting that sort of offer for Coutinho again tbh.


Apparently, they got Dembele now. Maybe they aren’t getting Coutinho.


Dembele replaces Neymar, they still need someone to replace Iniesta though, which is why they’re after both. At least that’s what I’ve been reading the whole time.


Liverpool fans :arteta:


There’s a better airport in Southampton.

Not sure I’d want a CB with such poor positional sense.



That’s fantastic :joy:


Every team has a player who the fans believe to be a worse footballer than their nan. For Liverpool, that is Lovren.



Good article



Wonderful news


That’s their season gone. They were awful without him last season.


Fortunately Liverpool have this dude to call upon


Man Utd, Tottenham and then Huddersfield, West Ham and Southampton. Tough run of fixtures coming up for them. When you start plucking away at their attacking options, it doesn’t leave much room for confidence to rely on their defence to gain them points.


This can’t help the situation much either.


Liverpool in shambles :joy:


Chambo will see more game time now which can only be a good thing

For the rest of the league