Liverpool thread


I lol’d.


Why are you fat and in denial like Hames?


Haha I have to say I was actually thinking about the Arshavin comp with James, thinking he’s the typical player that a fanbase like Arsenal would be like WTF R U DOING MAN NOT PLAYING HIM AS A 10, when they had as good or a better option at 10 and what they really needed was just a better player at LW/RW.


Yep, don’t forget handsome.

To call James a luxury player is funny indeed, somoene that would consistently be more productive than your lauded Countho in the same amount of games. Creation, goal scoring, technique he’s superior.

But yeah luxury player is definitely the word that encapsulates a player of his ability.


He’s all those things but that doesn’t stop him being a luxury player because he doesn’t defend and press with enough tempo.


Jamie carrager ( or Steve macmanaman, or any other scouser in the world who knows I was listening on the radio) has already started questioning wether Kloop is the man for the job on talk sport the other day… he will be out of a job within the next 2 years IMO


Don’t forget that Rodgers had Suarez and Sturridge that actually could play three games consecutively.

Klopp has a lot to prove this season though, Liverpool still seem like they have the defensive frailties of last season.

He isn’t quite as well a rounded coach as Poch is.


Was about to say Rodgers had a 40 goal a season striker, Sterling before fame and Sturridge before he lost the ability to heal


Is kloop not suppose to be some sort of massiah that top top players will flock to play for? He’s had plenty of transfer windows to be doing a lot better than they are


He is not helping himself by setting up crap tactics. His teams always run out of fuel in spring.


Guy i sit next to at work is a pool fan and was saying there is an email doing the rounds suggesting there is lots of trouble behind the scenes at Pool. Transfer policy is a bigger shambles than ours apparently.

Don’t think it was ever suggested that Klopp was a Messiah though, just that he’s better than Wenger. Which he still is imo.


Not really done much to prove that though has he? If anything his reparation with even his biggest fan has to be lower now than before he came to Liverpool surely?


I’d swap Wenger out for Klopp right now. Wouldn’t even have to think about it.


If I had to choose a replacement for wenger kloop would be top of my list more because he seems like a nice guy and isn’t an arsehole, his record dosent suggest he would do any better than wenger though IMO


Wells they finished above us playing more exciting attacking football (imo), so whilst that isn’t definitive proof at all, it definitely counts for something.


Wenger gets like his 7th year without any question to bugger on. Klopp in his third year, second full year, gets the questions marks. Right.


Well this is kaner you’re talking to


Wenger has won more since kloops been in England hasn’t he?

What has kloop won in his entire career further more?


We’ve won 3 trophys in he last 4 years