Liverpool thread


It really does sound like the have acted the cunt here. They could put things right for the price of a fucking weeks wages for coutinho too so it’s deplorable really.


This clearly calls for a two point deduction, applied retroactively to last season’s table.



they are just showing passion like Klopp :henry2:


I know it’s only a pre-season friendly, but Mane is running rings around Bayern Munich. Him and Salah :fire: £70m for those 2 in today’s market is an absolute bargain.


They’re the team that will most likely depend on their attacking to do the job this season. If they can keep them fit and find a way to break down teams more consistently on the counter they will be one of the teams with the most goals scored.


Fucking hell! They are gonna shit the league this season! :gabriel:


An alright milan team put four past this side. Bayern aren’t playing well at all.


Sturridge is injured. In other news, water is wet…


I’ve heard this before. Around late January this year if I remember correctly. :smile:


Just like the Audi cup, they can take their foot off the gas for a while and it doesn’t really affect them at all.


I have the Liverpool Madrid game on in the background and Grizemann is looking like the old Torres these days


The old Torres being the shit Torres?


no when he was at Liverpool, I mean looks wise with his hair


Lallana just got Diabyed


Time off to film another shampoo ad.


This will go down well in Liverpool :eyes::joy:


Lol. Though it is a bit ridiculous to call a club like Liverpool a selling club. Not much you can do when the biggest club in the world comes knocking at your door.


That tweet is like something Talk Sport would say about Arsenal lol


Offering £100m nonetheless.