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Lolpool have been a top spending club for many many years. Constant investment, I honestly can’t believe the narrative that we spend even close to what lolpool do.


They might have spent more than us but their transfer dealings are way ahead of ours.

Liverpool have sold players for hundreds of millions and reinvested the money extremely well.

They also do their absolute best in recruiting players in positions that need strengthening and not tolerating mediocrity, which is something we rarely do.

Their level of ambition is something to be admired, not criticised.

If we showed a fraction of their ambition, rather than complacency and lack of urgency, we could, and should, be where they are.


I look at that graph you posted and it actually works in Klopp’s Favour :rofl::rofl:

Man City is vastly outspending Liverpool, yet Liverpool are neck to neck for winning the league.

Liverpool and Klopp have done a remarkable job given what kind of money they are up against.


Well we built a stadium, so I’d say that was somewhat ambitious. We pay high wages, we have always had good talent in the sqaud.

The only thing that has let us down is player sales and not having a great negotiating team, which has now changed.

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Id say we have had a lack of talent in the squad and refusing to buy better and persevering with injury prone players for to many years got us here.
Also thinking a top 4 finish was a trophy rather than a platform to improve by investment meant in the end we where never as far ahead of teams as we thought.
In the end we became the target team to catch up to and then go ahead of. Complacency bit us on the arse big time.


It should be borne in mind that Liverpool were in bad shape when Klopp took over. They had some average league finishes too: 8th, 4th and again 4th. We look to be on course for 4th in Emery’s first season.

They’ve turned things around but it’s taken 3 years to jump up to credibly challenging for the league and being amongst Europe’s elite again.

We are 9 months into our rehabilitation project. Liverpool are the model we ought to be imitating but it takes time to turn the oil tanker of shite around that we have been in the past few years.

We need to stabilise by being in the CL for a couple of consecutive seasons and all the while buy / sell well. If we’re still lagging behind by the end of next season then we have to seriously reevaluate the direction of the club but we’re so early into the process right now. Emery and the exec will definitely be judged more harshly next season but right now, we are on target to meet our objective of CL football.


City spending has been insane in the last years. Basically what a normal club spend in maybe 20 years.


Inter though :arteta:

Moratti just spunking so much cash on beastly strikers and attackers while neglecting the defence, meaning they always underachieved based on their spend.


We built a new stadium, for which supporters pay some of the highest prices in Europe, yet the standard of football and the level of quality is nowhere near what it should be.

Like you said, our player sales and recruitment have been awful and athough we pay world class wages, they are often to players for which the term “world class” should never be used.

As a club we seem set up to make massive profits for the owner but the success on the field is not the main priority.

As for talent in the squad, I would say we have two very good attacking players, an average midfield with no top quality players and one of the worst group of defenders in the PL.

Worse than, we have an owner and board that lack any urgency and are content to drift along, with a top four place as their measure of success.

Ambition is when a club identifies weaknesses in the squad and then buys the best players to strengthen the team as quickly as possible, which is something I’ve never seen us do.

All we do is wait until we’re desperate, haggle endlessly for a player we need until we lose out, and then wind up with even more mediocrity than we already have.

The next window will prove the ambitions of the owner, and I don’t expect it to be anything more than the bare minimum, because that’s what we’e good at.


How many times do you think Mustafi could fall over in that time?

I think 3


I think that VVD tactic was kinda overrated tbh. I’d expect most EPL defenders to do the same.

Furthermore, had sissoko actually scored, no one would be raving about this in-between running that VVD was doing


It was good defending but your point is valid tbf. Just have to credit him with gambling on the better option.


VVD does well to block off the pass to Son but Sissoko still has a completely free shot at the keeper. Ultimately it goes down to Sissoko completely fucking the chance, rather than VVD being the best defender since Baresi.

Also, Son could have done more to pull VVD wider and create more space for Sissoko, but his movement is quite poor actually.


Yeah, you could have Mustafi there instead of VVD and Sissoko is still fluffing it because he is, well, Sissoko.


Mustafi would have flown in with a tackle and given a pen.


Is there a new link of the VVD clip? Havent seen it


Then shouted at the rest of the team for allowing it to happen looking around in despair.

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They’ll still choke it away, no worries.

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