Liverpool thread


Klopp is a likeable character but the guy is a loser. If he wins nothing again, Wenger at his worst would have delivered more trophies since he came to England :joy:


How is he a loser?

Setting aside losing to Sevilla he’s been up against better teams, you can only punch above your weight to a certain extent.

Liverpool pushing City all the way proves his credentials, of course he’d cement himself in the country if he ends up winning the league but he’s hardly a loser or choker.


Yeah Sevilla 2016 is the only final that they’ve lost being favourites.

Everyone is entitled to different opinions, but personally I’d rather have a season of 90 + points in the league and making the last 4 or Final of the CL for eg, than winning a domestic cup.


What a nonsense :facepalm:


Being a nearly man in every competition like finishing too 4 and losing a CL final isn’t fun. That Chelsea team Wenger beat was a much stronger side than what Klopp has faced in cup finals, Madrid aside. Just saying


Galatasary and Birmingham were poor teams to lose to though. Arsenal where much the stronger side in both them games.


I was talking during his time at Liverpool. He has been there since 2015 and he has yet to win something.


If you asked nearly every Liverpool fan would you rather what Klopp has done in his 3.5 years ? Or would you rather we were hovering from 4th-6th every season and had won a league cup what do you think they’d choose ?


Sorry, but if he doesn’t win the league after a 7 point cushion (was it 8 points after they drew to Leicester?) then it’s nothing short of choking.

Liverpool fans who want him out need their heads tested. Short term memory syndrome. He’s brought a vast improvement to Anfield.


If he doesn’t win the League and gets over 90 points that isn’t choking, it would be one of the top 5 all time point tally’s in a 38 game season in the EPL, it would simply be called getting pipped by the greatest team in EPL history.


In my view you choke when you’re the favourite, when I look at Liverpool’s squad there’s little surprise they’ve stuttered a bit.

And despite that they’re still well within the race.


Yeah especially when the team that chases you barely drops any points.


He bottled a 7-point lead against a City side who are still great, but not as good as they were last season. Maybe not a choker, but not even a proper winner.


If Liverpool get above 90 points Klopp and Liverpool haven’t choked it, City are what they’re and have simply just been to good and won it…

I still think Liverpool are a very good chance of winning the league BTW.


When we lost our lead v Man United in 2003, we weren’t the favourites, either. Gooners would unanimously consider that choking.

I think we need some clarification on the term. Are we talking a mental inability to withstand the pace? Liverpool fans believe that exactly that has happened. Dropped points against Leicester, Everton, West Ham and Manchester United when Liverpool were in a position of strength. That’s 8 points they’ve dropped in (forgive me if I’m wrong) their 8 previous games.


We’ll have to agree to disagree about us not being favourites on 02/03, I think we were better than United. We also did crumble that season and only ended up with 78 points after a great start, so yes we choked it.

As for Liverpool’s blip I wouldn’t call a draw at OT or away in the Derby as choking. Yes poor dropped points at home to Leicester and away to West Ham, but they barely dropped any points in the first 20 games, I think it’s unreasonable to expect them to go on and get 100 + points without a blip.


Not disputing that Liverpool haven’t had a fantastic season, though. Not that I’m writing their euology, of course. Still a long way to go. They’ve made me hate them- and that’s the sign of a bloody good team!

History, however, belongs to the winners. No one remembers that Valencia reached back-to-back European Cup finals in 2000 and 2001 (the irony that I’ve recalled such an obscure stat isn’t lost on me).

Liverpool perhaps won’t repeat such a remarkable season, which is a bit of a shame for them. But ah well, who cares? It’s Liverpool. They’ve had their moment in the sun.


It’s funny how only successful teams can “bottle” leads. No attention is ever paid to the other 3 coaches who bottled it by November, and Poch who bottled it probably in January or Feb.

Teams would get 100 points every year if they never had a dry spell. Still plenty of football to be played.


@Aussiegooner has it absolutely bang on here.

IF Liverpool get ninety plus points and don’t win the league, talk of bottling will be totally misplaced. It’ll be basically the third best ever points total in 38 game season history and they’d have been somewhat unlucky to have been bested by probably the best side the PL has seen. Them being seven points clear months before the season ended would not be enough to label it bottling.

I still will label it bottling tho cos it’ll be funnier to do so.


The perfect summation of my thoughts, and many others’ thoughts. :clap: