Liverpool thread


Imagine if they win the league and Ox never plays a match. He won’t get a PL winners medal will he? Lolol too bad :sob::joy::joy:


Hopefully not. He deserves fuck all.


He’ll get one still. It’s not like old times where you had to get so many games to earn one. They give the champions about 50 medals to hand out to who they see fit. They can even apply for more if they want


You have to make 5 appearances to get a proper medal. Then the club are given a load of commemorative medals to hand out to whoever.


Don’t think a player deserves one if they don’t play a single game.


Personally I think the medal should be appearance based, should need at least 5 to get one IMO.


Mendy got one for 5 games last season.


You needed 10 back in the day, I remember in 2004 we subbed Martin Keown on late in the last 4 games to get him to that mark.


Guess if your a Mendy it felt a little hollow but a Foden would maybe see it as a big thing.


I hate these cunts but fuck me Mané has been brilliant for them since it feels like forever.


1 league defeat so far and onto the CL quarters tossing aside Bayern Munich, Klopp’s Liverpool are having themselves a season.


And they still might win nothing- aparr from the Pressure Cup from Spurs


Klopp still yet to lose a 2 legged tie in europe since he became Liverpool manager. Ffs why we never moved for him still defy football logic at that time.


Yeah correct they might win nothing, we all know how hard it is to win the CL & in the EPL they’re competing with the best team it’s ever seen.


It is possible for a manager to be hailed as a very good one and a club to have a very good season and win nothing. At the end of the day there are a bunch of elite clubs competing for the same prizes.

Karius cost them the CL last season with two insane howlers.

This year, let’s see where they strand. The only ones I am vehemently against winning the CL or the League are Tottenscum and Toddlers United.


He could easily become the new Pocho: great football, zero trophy.


He has got trophies mate. Quite a few at that while he was at Dortmund.


You’d think someone that supports Dortmund would know they won back to back to titles under Klopp wouldn’t you ?


Let’s break it down for Luca:

Klopp won at Dortmund:

2x Bundesliga
1x DFB Pokal
2x DFL Supercup

2x Champions League Final - Runner’s Up. To get to the final of the CL is still an amazing feat. Should he have won one of these finals. Sure.

But, to say - as notorious troll a4tt does - he chokes is simply false. He didn’t choke winning the league and the cups he won.

In the CL final, nothing he can do about Karius playing like he been bribed big money.


Klopp is such an adorable person that you just should be able to demean his achievements.
It sucks that he manages Liverpool.

I guess I would be okay with Liverpool winning CL because they have done so before but no way am I gunning for them to win PL.